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  • The mountain that you see from Reykjavik city. 
  • 914 meters high

The richness of nature can be truly experienced in Iceland. The land of fire and ice offers so much to locals and tourists. Iceland’s magnificent mountains and widespread water bodies are captivating. Esjan mountain is another gem from Iceland that is breathtaking. Esjan is one of Iceland’s most famous destinations for day hiking. Located in Kjalarnes in the South West area of Iceland, it will surely intrigue you if you want to experience some thrill.

Esja Mountain - Reykjavik

See and Explore around Esjan Mountain

Situated at a distance of 10 kilometers from the city of Reykjavík, Iceland’s capital, Esjan Mountain offers mesmerizing views. Considered the mountain queen in Reykjavík’s skyline, Esjan’s walking trails are an experience worth taking given its 914 meters height. The mountain has an ancient history attached to it that dates back to the last Ice Age. For hikers and trekkers, Esjan has many surprises as it is considered a paradise for hikers. Enriched green trails will rejuvenate you. Keep your camera with you certainly as you may spot some iconic birds who could pose for you. Mount Esjan has recently been the location for many concerts, with helicopters carrying music lovers to the top for a fantastic display under the midnight sun.

Esja Mountain - Reykjavik

High season to visit Mount Esjan

The hiking season to Mount Esjan is definitely the summer months. Esjan is located close to Reykjavik city, only around 20 minutes drive. The public buses also go there every hour. Therefor the mountain is an extremely popular hiking route for the locals. Travelers have also started to do this hike more often, but usually most of the hikers are locals enjoying their daily activity and nature. It is crucial to be equipped with proper hiking gear when hiking Esja, with a good knowledge of your hiking capabilities. Hikers, who have newly started the activity, should only take a simple route, and only expert climbers should try to scale challenging peaks. Most people do not hire a professional guide since the hiking routes are very clear and you will meet a lot of people on the way if you have any questions. Mount Esjan looks lovely in winters with its snow-capped visuals, but it is not recommended to hike there when it is snow covered. 

Being highly careful while climbing is mandatory, especially through winter with ice, rain, and heavy fog. For safe climbing, you should have a pair of sturdy boots. Keeping a thorough check on weather forecasts is important as the weather can turn anytime during winters. 

Where to stay near Mount Esjan

Since Mount Esjan is located close to the capital city, it is ideal to go there on a day trip when you are staying in Reykjavik. It might also be your first or last stop when driving the Ring Road of Iceland. If you decide to stay in Reykjavik you can find variety of hotels and guesthouses, you can also choose to stay at camping grounds. If you would like to stay near Mountain Esjan you can choose Hotel Laxnes in Mosfellsbær. It has fine and spacious rooms available on a sharing basis if you are looking to save some costs. Facilities like free parking and wifi are also available. There are plenty of simple options on the outskirts of Reykjavík that might better suit your needs, depending on the tour and itinerary.

Map of Esjan Mountain

Interesting locations in the area


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