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If you enjoy stand-alone secluded places more than the ones which are popular and beautiful but very crowded than Hrunalaug is your ideal place to be. One of the many secret hot springs of Iceland, Hrunalaug hot spring is a small, hidden hot spring pool that is not known to many people. This is why, you can expect to be alone or in the company of only a few people. Hrunalaug is situated only a few meters away from the famous Secret lagoon of Iceland, the less crowded variant of the Blue Lagoon. It is situated in the town Flúðir in the Golden Circle area of Iceland.

Small and cozy, this hot spring is an old stone-walled pool with a smaller concrete pool on the side. Even though the pool is located on private property, it is not equipped with any changing room or any such similar facility which is one of the main attractions of this hot spring. Being at this place will give you an authentic experience of bathing in a wild unkempt hot spring like you must have read in medieval history books and mythologies. It will be an experience different from all others that you will have at other hot springs. The open area is surrounded by long stretched plains with green and brown grass along with the clear blue sky, mountains in the distance, and wild trails. There are remains of an abandoned shelter-cum-changing room right beside the concrete pool of the Hrunalaug hot spring so, if you are too shy to go total survivalist and change in the open beneath your clothes, you can use this room to get some privacy.

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Woman bathing in a small hot pool in Hrunalaug, Iceland

What to Expect

One thing you can expect of Hrunalaug hot spring is to be amazed by the untouched raw natural beauty that it possesses. Apart from that, you can expect to find a good, soothing, warm spring of water with a temperature that stays around 38°C all year round – a perfect bathing temperature. The pools concrete of the hot spring can accommodate a maximum of 3 to 4 people while the slightly larger pool with a concrete wall can fit about 7 people. It is one of the oldest pools in Iceland so you can expect to get a glimpse of the old Iceland.

Activities in the area

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woman sitting in Hrunalaug hot spring in the Golden Circle Iceland

How to Get There

It is about an 80-minute ride to Flúðir from the capital city of Reykjavík. Take road number 344 with a sign which says Hruni will appear before you arrive at Flúði. Take the road and drive about 3 kilometres before turning on road number 345 with the same sign saying Hruni.  Turn again as soon as you see a sign on your right saying Sólheimar. From there it is just a 400-meter ride to the parking lot near the Hrunalaug hot spring. To make sure that you have reached the right place, look for a “no camping” sign in the parking lot. It is then a small 2-minute walk to the small hidden hot spring of Hrunalaug.

Since, Hrunalaug hot spring is very close to the Secret Lagoon you can choose to pay a visit to this beauty as well. It is a small 6-kilometer drive from Hrunalaug to the Secret Lagoon which will take you 10-minute at the maximum.

turf house in Hrunalaug hot spring in the Golden Circle Iceland

When to Visit

Since the temperature of the water in the hot springs remains at a soothing warm level, both winter and summer season are perfect to visit Hrunalaug hot spring. While the summer season brings the magic of taking a hot bath under the midnight sun, the winter season will have you sit under the northern light while you take a warm soothing soak. The weather in Iceland is never too hot to skip a dip in the hot spring.

Consider visiting in this hot spring in the odd hours so that you can have the pool all by yourself. The normal visiting hours of the Secret Lagoon nearby also bring some visitors to the Hrunalaug hot spring in peak hours so visiting in the evening or the early hours of the morning is a good idea.

Map of Hrunalaug hot spring

Hrunalaug hot spring in the Golden Circle Iceland

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