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Best Iceland Apps


The 112 Iceland app is the official app for emergency service in Iceland and can add safety to your Iceland trip. You can do two things with the app, both will help you have a safe travel in Iceland.

  1. You can call for help by pressing the red Emergency button. After you puss the button, your location will be sent by text message to the 112 response center. It is possible to send the message even though your phone does not show any signal.
  2. You can press the green Check In button, to leave your location with us. If something happens to you, we have more information, we will know where you were located at a certain point in your travel, and this will give us more information to work with. The app will store your last 5 locations. It is really recommended to use this feature in the app as often as you can.

Here you can download the app for Android phones, Windows phones and iPhone.

Myndaniðurstaða fyrir 112 app



This is the best app to be prepared for the weather in Iceland. The weather in Iceland can be pretty unpredictable, so you will definitely want to be aware of the weather in Iceland. One minute it might be sun and the next minute it can be snowing. It’s important to understand how the weather can change rapidly so you can be one step ahead and change or modify your plans according to the weather forecast.

The app is managed by Veðurstofa Íslands (The Icelandic Meteorological Office) and features radar maps, real time facts on the Icelandic weather, local forecasts, weather predictions and warnings.

Myndaniðurstaða fyrir vedur app

Appy Hour

The Appy hour app is perfect for everyone that wants to have a great time on their trip to Iceland, but still not spend to much on the drinks. This app will make sure that you get the best deals on your drinks when traveling to Reykjavik. The app lists the locations and prices of Reykjavik’s happy hours. You can even see the places that are close to your current location, so it can both safe you time and money when wondering around Reykjavik.

Alcohol in Iceland can be pretty expensive, so this is a must for anyone that wants to try some of the great Icelandic beers or enjoy a cocktail in downtown Reykjavik.

Myndaniðurstaða fyrir appy hour app iceland



Strætó is the companion app to Iceland’s city bus system and is one of the handiest tools for both permanent residents and visiting tourists. With this app you can see which bus goes where. You can see it’s current location, where the next bus stop is and purchase tickets with a card. You can’t buy bus tickets with a credit/debit card inside the bus. Therefor this feature makes this app a must if you want to use the public transport in Iceland.

It is available in English, Icelandic, Danish and Polish so it will simplify the us of public transport for those that don’t understand Icelandic. The app covers all areas of Iceland where the public bus service operates. You can travel all the way to Höfn í Hornafirði with Stræto, and even to northern and western regions of the country.

The app is free and can safe you a lot of time from waiting for a bus in the cold Icelandic weather.

Myndaniðurstaða fyrir strætó app

Aurora Forecast

Do you want to see the Northern Lights in Iceland? Or are the northern lights maybe your main reason to visit Iceland?

The Northern Lights are one of Iceland’s biggest attraction in the winter time. Travelers from all over the world come to Iceland, only to see this natural phenomenon.

You can never know exactly when the northern lights will show up. This app will give you the opportunity to know when and where they are likely to appear. The Aurora App offers you some great features for your trip to Iceland. The app will make it easier for you to see this magnificent show. You can also view a world map that shows you where aurora activity is at its strongest. You can also get notifications to your phone when the northern lights are expected to appear close to your location. We definitely recommend this feature. It can be hard to be constantly checking your phone to see if there is a possibility of seeing the aurora.

You can also explore some data relating to solar wind activity and sun imagery. This, and the forecast that can help you organize your northern lights hunting.

This app is definitely a must have for your winter trip to Iceland.

Myndaniðurstaða fyrir aurora forecast app


WAPP is an App developed by hikers for hikers in Iceland. You can find many great features in the app that will make your hiking experience in Iceland even better. You will for example get on- and offline trail maps, locations for hiking paths, hike lengths and safety advice on the hikes in both English and Icelandic. With the WAPP, you can explore and conquer new and unexpected hiking trails in Iceland.

Here you can see the main features of the app:

· Displays varied trails in Iceland by using your phone as a personal travel guide.
· Store trails on your phone for offline use.
· Collection of nearby trails will easily be visible and accessible on your phone
· Opens up possibilities of diverse trips or exploring new areas.
· Simple search by length of trip, elevation, difficulty or territory.

Myndaniðurstaða fyrir wapp

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