Drangsnes Hot Tubs or “The Hot Tub Trio”


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  • GPS: 65.6882, -21.44825
  • Fee of charge.
  • Changing facilities available. 
  • Located in Drangsnes village in the Westfjords

Planning to visit Iceland is probably the best decision you can make. Iceland is truly a mesmerizing place that acts as a magnet to travelers, globetrotters, solo explorers, and also for environmentalists. The extreme geological contrasts have given this place a name, which is The Land of Fire and Ice that completely justifies it. Iceland has massive snow-blanketed landscapes, the Blue Lagoon, the Northern Lights (aurora borealis), geysers, black sand beaches, and active and inactive volcanoes that you can visit and witness yourself. It’s an all-year-round destination and not just this, you have the opportunity to visit Europe’s largest glaciers.

Isn’t this great? You get to witness nature’s best creations and that too at one place – Iceland. Now, moving out with this, since there are numerous places to have a dip in the hot water, but amidst those places, there is one such beautiful place that will make you sit, relax and adorn the nature for hours and that too on the waterline. Yes, the hot tub trio in Drangsnes village is a place that you need to visit when in Iceland, let’s find out more about this place.

Drangsnes hot tubs with a view in the Westfjords of Iceland

Explore the Geothermal Hot Tub Trio

Shuffle up your travel itinerary and add this beautiful place to your Iceland “bucket list”. Drangsnes is a small fishing village that is located at Strandir, the eastern part of Iceland’s Westfjords. It is approximately 30 km from Hólmavík village. This village is near fishing grounds and thrives in the most minimalistic ways.

Despite being a small village, few things have made this a center of attraction and the top one being the Hot Tub Trio! After all that traveling, a dip in the hot water is what you need and nothing is better than relaxing in the hot tub that is located on the waterline with views out of this world! Just by the sea, as you enter Drangsnes village, you can easily spot the tubs, the main attraction of this place. It was in 1997 when the hot water at Drangsnes village was discovered. Back then when the locals came to know about the hot water, they immediately put the tubs next to the shoreline that made a great way to relax and rejuvenate. The geothermal water in the hot tubes is fed by the borehole. This village is located near a curvy cliff, while the population of the village is approximately 70-80 people.

Drangsnes hot tubs with a view in the Westfjords of Iceland

A Popular Spot for Tourists

The hot tubs offer you the mesmerizing view of the shoreline, the glistening water with striking sun rays, leaving a sparkling glow in the water, and not to forget the whales. Yes, if you are fortunate enough, then there are chances that you might get to witness somersaulting gigantic whales. A fantastic view to adorn while relaxing in the tubs is enough to refresh you if you have been traveling the whole day or just want to spend some time with your family.

The three hot tubs have different degrees of water and you can select appropriately to ensure you take a dip in the correct one. Two of the tubs have the same normal temperature while the third one – the fish tub, has a different degree of hot water. There are changing rooms available across the street; and the most important part, it is recommended to have a shower before entering the tubs and you need to have a swimsuit before you can enjoy the calming experience of the hot water. To your surprise, there are no charges to use the community hot tubs and you can simply enjoy it without paying anything, or else it’s completely your wish to appreciate the hospitality of the locals. Trust us, you won’t regret visiting this place! So, carry your essentials, pick your swimsuit and head towards this majestic place, and invigorate in the lap of nature.

Drangsnes village in the Westfjords of Iceland

Drangsnes Hot Tubs on a map

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