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The foremost thing that strikes us when we think of Iceland is of course the snow-capped mountains, extremely chilled weather, and the cold breeze that is always ready to greet and meet the visitors from around the world. But unlike other places on Earth, Iceland has a charm of its own, this place is not just about snow and mountains, there is another side too that is sure to leave you awestruck. Yes, when in Iceland, expect the unexpected! Rugged coastlines, black sand beaches, secret hot springs, staggering waterfalls, colorful Icelandic rainbow mountains, active volcanoes, vivid blue glaciers, misty valleys with cascading waterfalls, majestic lava fields, crystal clear ice caves, and human-sized icebergs at the beach, and what not! There are infinite destinations to explore in Iceland and every place has something you would have never experienced before.

But for those curious travelers who always bombard questions to known deeply about any place and would love to explore how things have unfolded in the past, Iceland has something for them too. If you would like to know more about Iceland’s history, then visiting Eiríksstaðir Viking Village would be the best decision. If you haven’t considered visiting this place, trust us you are missing out on something very interesting. At least if you are interested in the Viking History of Iceland. So, let’s get started and know more about this destination in Iceland.

Get to Know More About Icelandic History: Experiencing Viking Era

Eiríksstaðir is a unique historical place that will take you back to the Viking Era and how things used to be back then; majorly how Vikings used to live in Iceland. You can closely experience the settlement period and known more about the Vikings and their way of living. You will get to know about the authentic Viking tools, their craftsmanship, handmade original tools along with the techniques, their clothing, and the architecture as well. No doubt, why Eiríksstaðir is known as the best long-house in entire Iceland.

Eiríksstaðir Viking longhouse, which is located in West Iceland, is one of the most prominent historical houses that is visited by the locals and the tourists, and the moment you step in here – you feel like teleported to the Viking Era. It was around year 874 when Vikings came to Iceland from Norway and settled here and from there started the pure Viking history. And Eiríksstaðir, being the most famous destination exhibiting Viking history to date. Eiríksstaðir is the reconstructed former homestead of Erik the Red (also known as Eiríkur Þorvaldsson) and his wife Þjóðhildur; it is located exactly in Haukadalur valley (Dalasýsla region, Iceland). Eiríkur was given this epithet – Erik the Red because of his red hair and beard. This place is also the birthplace of his son, Leif Eiríksson, a Norse explorer who is believed to be the first European to discover North America that excludes Greenland.

A Popular Sight Investigated by Archaeologists as Well

When you visit Eiríksstaðir, you can easily walk around the trails that will take you to the remains of 1000-years old lodge and you will see a statue of Leif Eiríksson – Leif the Lucky as well. When you learn more about history, you will get to know that these people lived here until the 10th century. This site has always attracted archaeologists and has always been investigated by them and to the surprise, there are ruins of buildings that are dated back to the 9th–10th centuries. This makes it even more exciting and worth the visit. But after the archaeological excavation, these ruins were covered with grass and thus, people hardly get to know about this in deep.

What Else You Will Witness When in Eiríksstaðir Longhouse?

In this longhouse, you can sit around the fire burning exactly in the middle of the house. While you will see the locals dressed up in Viking costumes, you can also grab an opportunity to dress up exactly like Vikings and try out the Viking weapons, wear the helmet and closely see the Viking bone skates from the 10th century. This could be the best never before – experience with your family when you visit Iceland. At Eiríksstaðir, the Viking era has been magnificently explained and showcased that is sure to leave you with tons of experience and historical knowledge as well.

How to Reach Eiríksstaðir Longhouse?

Eiríksstaðir longhouse is in West-Iceland, which is on your way to Westfjords. It is approximately 76 kilometers north of Borgarnes. When you reach Borgarnes, continue driving on ring-road 1 (north), towards Akureyri and then turn left and continue on road 60, towards Hólmavík. From here, take right on road 586 and continue driving towards Haukadalur, which is approximately 8 km. You will see Eiríksstaðir on your left side.

Eiríksstaðir on a map

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