Englandshverir Hot Spring


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  • Hidden hot spring in west Iceland
  • GPS: 64.49027, -21.17833
  • Tricky to find – There are no markings or board to direct you throughout the way.
  • Easy hike. 
  • No changing facilities.
  • 4×4 vehicle recommended. 

Though there is an infinite place to explore and witness the extreme Icelandic climate and land, there are few places that still need to be completely explored by the voyagers. Amidst those unexplored and untouched places is – Englandshverir Hot Spring, which is completely hidden from the main area, but holds a magnificent view and a perfect area to relax with family. Let’s find more about Englandshverir Hot Spring!

A Hidden Hot Spring in Iceland: Perfect for Getaway with Family!

This hidden hot spring of Iceland might not be there in your travel itinerary, but trust us, once you visit this place, you might not want to leave and just enjoy the roaring sound of the water and calmness of the nature. It might be a little bit tricky to visit Englandshverir Hot Spring owing to its remote location; not many people visit there and thus, there are chances, you might have it all to your own. 

Englandshverir is a series of natural pools that are hidden amidst the vast land and are not visible from the main road or afar in general. So, it is recommended to go prepared beforehand. There are no markings or board to direct you throughout the way. After you have parked your car at the location, spot the red pipe, which is a metal pipe bridge, and a small pump house nearby. Then you will know that you are at your destination. Don’t get misguided by the pump house, people tend to think of it as a changing room; but there are no changing facilities around; so, come prepared. You can park your vehicle nearby and enjoy the serene and calm nature around. To reach the hot springs, you have to climb up to the pipe bridge and cross it one by one, to get to the other side. It isn’t that high, but be careful. As soon as you cross the pipe “bridge”, you will notice the hot spring that is fed by nearby hot springs. Now, as you reach the hot pool, which is considerably large, you can take a footbath there. The water is lukewarm and perfect to take a footbath and sit beside it while enjoying the Icelandic environment and climate. This place is not that far from the main capital city, Reykjavík, and will take you nearly 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach here. You can plan a day trip to this location and visit Englandshverir Hot Spring. It is recommended to visit the area in a 4×4 vehicle as the paths and roads can be a bit tricky to drive on. So, choose safety and opt for a sturdy 4×4 to get here and have the time of your life.   

Englandshverir hot springs on a map

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