Fauskasandur Black Sand Beach for Long Calming Walks


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It is not that natural landscapes are not beautiful enough as they are, Iceland comes forward and puts a spicy, hot, and happening twist to everything. Something of the same kind is the deal with Fauskasandur Black Sand Beach. Black sand beaches are a specialty of the land of Ice and Fire, better known as Iceland but just like any other vacation and sight-seeing spots, most of these beautiful destinations are packed with tourists. It is rather difficult to find a secluded beach that you can have all to yourself.

Fauskasandur black sand beach is one such lesser-known place that is still hidden from most of the population. Situated in the eastern part of the island, this is the perfect place to stop for when you are on a self-driving tour of the eastern part of Iceland.  It is best known for a huge rock that stands amidst the ocean near the beach. This monolith is quite captivating with a green top and black colored demeanor that it holds. The contrast that the rock and the dark black sand creates with the white foamy waves of the ocean is simply mind-blowing enough for you to drop everything and spend a few moments of calm in this place. The black basalt rocks on the side, ocean on the other, and the monolith along with the beautiful glimmering sand in the middle are as mystical as the mountains of the east.

How are Black Sand Beaches Formed

Black sand beaches are an exceptional phenomenon that you will not find easily. These magnificent beaches are a sight to behold in every form and creation. There are generally three main causes of the formation of black sand beaches – basalt, andesite, and volcanic glass. Basalt lava rocks are responsible for the formation of these magnificent black sand beaches in the country of Iceland. Basalt rock surrounds the beaches from all sides. Rivers and streams cut through these rocks which leads to soil erosion. The bigger pieces of the rock breakdown along the stream into smaller pieces and collect on the beach as black colored sand as the streams and river flow into it. Another way that the black sand beaches are formed is when hot lava flows into the sea and cools down instantly and turns solid. The lava rocks further break down into sand grain when they hit the cold, powerful waves.

More Locations nearby

  • Höfn village
  • Stokksnes
  • Eystrahorn
  • Djúpivogur
  • Folaldafoss waterfall 

How to Get There

Black sand beach in Eastern Iceland is not something that you will miss when you driving in the parts for sight-seeing. You can simply hire a car for a self-driving tour of the east island and there is a definite shot that you will pass by this place. If you are coming from Reykjavik then Fauskasandur beach will be about a total of 510 kilometers away from your starting point. It will take you almost 6 hours and 40 minutes to cover this distance if you do not make any stops on the way. Although, you should consider making a few stops for resting and other landscapes that you pass by.

Activities in the area

  • Vatnajökull Snowmobile
  • Glacier Kayaking

Best Time to Visit

Every time of the year is perfect to pay a visit to the Fauskasandur beach. The summer season brings along a wave of light and greenery with it. The weather is mild and the sun shines on the top of your head creating the ideal scenario to be at a beach that too with beautiful black sand. You will be able to take long walks or just on the sky-high basalt rocks admiring the view in front of you. On the other hand, the winter season does the job of bringing out the best of the black and white aesthetics of the beach. So, summer or winter, no matter when you visit, you will get the best of the season special at all times. Just make sure that you stack up on warm layers properly for the ride.

Map of Fauskasandur Black Sand Beach

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