Fjallsárlón Glacier Lagoon – A Hidden Icelandic Gem


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Fjallsárlón is an iceberg lagoon located at the south end of Vatnajökull, Europe’s biggest glacier. It is the ideal destination for a serene getaway to relax amidst the beauty of nature. The lagoon offers mesmerizing close-up views of the Fjallsjokull glacier. Fjallsárlón lagoon comprises of astonishing melting icebergs which have recently fallen from the glacier. Being smaller in size than its big brother Jökulsárlón lagoon, this glacial lagoon lets you get pretty close to the ice cap. The small size also provides a view of the edge of the tongue where the icebergs fall. As the lagoon is not connected to the sea, the icebergs stay here until they melt. The stunning sights and peaceful surroundings make for an otherworldly experience for many.

Fjallsárlón is best known for its shimmering and unique icebergs. No piece is alike, and the lagoon compromises of many different shapes and sizes floating on its surface. The icebergs are free-floating and drift from place to place. They often collide and release loud groans as they rub against one another. The ice range is home to vivid colors of electric blue and shiny crystal. You will find some icebergs with grey accents, caused by volcanic eruptions.

Fjallsárlón glacier lagoon in south Iceland

Weather and Wildlife at Fjallsárlón

Fjallsárlón is a wonderful place to visit in the summer. The icebergs glitter when hit by the sunrays and the wildlife around flocks on the surface. It is during summers that you can catch a zodiac boat ride on the lagoon. You can also relax at the nearby café and enjoy a warm drink. During the winters, the lagoon is a tranquil frozen wonderland. The icebergs are covered deep in snow and the snow-capped mountains fil the horizon, making for a perfect shot to remember.

Fjallsárlón glacier lagoon in south Iceland

The lagoon is also blessed with diverse wildlife. Great skuas, a large species of seabirds nest in the nearby cliffs. They are among the world’s rarest birds and a true attraction of the area. Predators by nature, attack younger and weaker birds like a puffin. It is essential that you stay clear of these birds and do not attempt to approach skua eggs. Skuas are protective and will dive-bomb anyone who comes close to their nest. Other wildlife in Fjallsárlón lagoon includes adorable seals who happily bob in and out of the water and play with visitors.

Guided tours that will take you to Fjallsárlón Glacier Lagoon

There are no tours that will take you to Fjallsárlón glacier lagoon. It is however the ieal stop on our self driving trip in south Iceland. 

boat sailing on Fjallsarlon glacier lagoon in south Iceland

Things to Do

Scenic boat rides are one of the major tourist attractions in this area. A perfect way to get near the glaciers, a zodiac boat ride can bring you thrillingly close to the icebergs and their vivid colors. A boat tour takes you around the entire area and can be extremely educational. Lucky tourists often find a playful seal approaching their boat and some even catch the mesmerizing moment of a large chunk of ice break off from the glacier and crash into the lagoon. Other activities at Fjallsárlón glacial lagoon include a helicopter tour of the glacier area. It comprises of Fjallsárlón, Jökulsárlón and also gives panoramic views of the massive Vatnajökull glacier. The Vatnajökull National Park covers around 14% of Iceland and this helicopter tour is the perfect way to see how glaciers have mystified the land of fire and ice.

The glacial lagoon also has a small bistro which provides travelers with a good selection of fresh food on the go. The Fjallsárlón Frost Restaurant offers tasty refreshments including sandwiches, salads, soups, cakes, and sweets which visitors can eat along with stunning views of the lagoon.

girl sitting on a stone with a view over Fjallsárlón glacier lagoon in south Iceland

How to Get There

Fjallsárlón glacier lagoon is situated 6 mi (10 km) west of Jökulsárlón and about 29 mi (47 km) east of Skaftafell Nature Reserve. It is located about 5 hours driving from the Icelandic capital of Reykjavík along with the Ring Road #1, the main road around Iceland.

Activities in the area

Fjallsárlón glacier lagoon in south Iceland

Fjallsárlón glacier lagoon on a map

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Hotels & Restaurants

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