Folaldafoss: The Hidden Waterfall of Iceland


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Your visit to Iceland is probably one of the best investments in terms of creating lifetime memories and experiences. You are certainly going to have once in a lifetime experience in Iceland. With snow-blanketed landscapes, black sand beaches with human-sized icebergs on the Diamond Beach, the Blue Lagoon, aurora borealis, active and inactive volcanoes, massive grassy fields, Icelandic highlands, steaming pools, and geysers, Iceland is truly a mesmerizing place to visit. It is indeed a magnet to solo explorers, globetrotters, environmentalists, and adventure seekers. Not just for those who love adventure, but also for those who love to spend time birdwatching, exploring marine life, and digging back to the historical age, Iceland has everything for everyone.

Since there are numerous waterfalls in Iceland, your travel itinerary must already be packed with many of the most popular waterfalls. But if you are an adventure freak and would like to witness something that is less explored by the travelers, then visiting Folaldafoss waterfall can add to your experience. Let’s find out more about this hidden gem in Iceland.

Folaldafoss waterfall in Öxi Djúpivogur village in East Iceland

Serene and Magnificent Waterfall

Folaldafoss is located in east Iceland and can be easily located just off the road 939, the Öxi pass (a mountain pass, which takes you between Berurfjordur and Skriddalur). The waterfall is visible from the main road 939. You will find curves, bridges, and a rough roads on your way to the waterfall. In short, you will get to experience the raw nature, unlike the well-connected and well-structured places in Iceland where there are travelers all around.

Folaldafoss waterfall in Berufjarðará river has a drop of approximately 20 meters that look magnificent and extremely gorgeous. You can easily see the waterfall from the main road, and there is a small parking lot located next to the road. The walk to the waterfall is easy and only takes a couple of minutes. You have the opportunity to get very close to the waterfall. The trek to the waterfall is easy and you won’t feel tired at all. You can enjoy and spend hours adorning this waterfall and its surrounding areas. Take your time to dive into the serene environment of this place. Walk around the waterfall and find the exact point from where the whole waterfall is visible and then capture the most spectacular Icelandic scenery. Just below the waterfall, there is a cascade fall that adds to the dramatic appearance and looks remarkable. There are no boards and signage to direct you, a completely new experience amidst high cliffs! If you chose to experience it closely, you can stand near the waterfall, sit by the side of the stream, right near the cascade, which is surrounded by the cliffs. This is sure to enhance your experience of this destination. Be careful of your steps, it can be slippery and the weather can change quickly, don’t forget to carry rain covers, gear covers for the camera and sturdy shoes as well.

Folaldafoss waterfall in Öxi Djúpivogur village in East Iceland

Directions to Folaldafoss Waterfall

Folaldafoss waterfall is located in East Iceland, and therefor a long drive from the capital city of Reykjavik. The drive from Reykjavik to Folaldafoss is approximately 7 hours and 10 minutes. You won’t be driving to the waterafall from Reykjavik so we highly recommend that you add it to your Self Driving Ring Road itinerary. There are no guided tours that will take you to this waterfall, but you can ask the guides in the 6 – 10 day tours around Iceland to stop here when driving along the Eastfjords of Iceland. The waterfall is located in a remote area, but we highly recommend going there. Your visit will be worth it. When driving to the East fjords of Iceland, you will get to witness the least visited part of Iceland which holds some of the most beautiful landscapes that you will see on your trip. When going to the waterfall, you will follow the road Öxi (939) from Djúpivogur to Egilsstaðir. We recommend that you add the coordinates of the waterfall to your GPS or maps so you will be notified when you should take the left turn to the parking lot. Many people will drive past this waterfall because you don’t really see it until it’s too late. Note that route 939 is steep and unpaved. You will see the parking and also the rest area, where you can safely park your vehicles and trek further for the waterfall. The area where the waterfall is located is adjacent to Route 939.

Folaldafoss waterfall in Öxi Djúpivogur village in East Iceland

Folaldafoss waterfall on a map

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