Garðar BA 64 | Shipwreck | Beached for Years, The Oldest Steel Ship in Iceland


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  • Located in the Westfjords.
  • The Oldest Steel Ship in Iceland. 
  • Parking area available. 

Iceland is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and is home to some of the unbelievable natural creations that are sure to create a spell on you. The roaring yet calm rivers falling from heights creating the beautiful waterfalls that are well worth visiting, the massive icebergs on the beach, the steaming geysers, or the phenomenal lava fields, there is everything you would ever wish to witness and experience on your own. Though you may find the waterfalls, beaches, and lava fields to be fascinating, there is another historical aspect of Iceland that has a charm of its own. Iceland still has places with the ruins of history and allows curious travelers to dive deep in olden times. One such place is where Garðar BA 64, the oldest steel ship in Iceland, is located. So, let’s find more about Garðar BA 64.

northern lights over Garðar BA 64 Ship wreck in Westfjords

A Rusting Ruin: Garðar BA 64

Garðar BA 64 is the oldest steel ship that is slowly showing the signs of rusting and sits elegantly on the shoreline at Patreksfjörður, Westfjords. The launch of this beautiful steel ship dates back to 1912, which is the same year as to when the titanic sank and met the final fate. Garðar BA 64, originally known as Globe IV, was successfully completed in Norway, by a Norwegian shipyard. Back then, it was used in the Icelandic waters for whaling. This Norwegian whaling vessel was used to break through the ice, it had a powerful steam engine along with the traditional sails, which made it a hulking hybrid.

The ship was sold to a numerous countries but in the end, it was handed over to an Icelandic owner in 1950. The ship came to Iceland after World War II and in 1963 and was renamed to Garðar BA 64. Soon the whaling restrictions exaggerated, which made it extremely difficult to survive. It was finally in 1981, it was declared that Garðar BA 64 is unsafe for further operations and services. From then onwards, this beautiful ship is standing there at the Icelandic coastline, making a perfect sight of attraction for tourists.

Garðar BA shipwreck in the Westfjords of Iceland

A Perfect Place for Photography

The lovely red outer layer of the ship is rusting away with every passing storm and in brutal Icelandic weather. It makes a perfect place for photography. At times, the place is busy, but you often spot photographers and other tourists, capturing this beached steel ship. However, you can usually find yourself all alone exploring this mystical ship in the remote Westfjords. If you wish to take a sunset or a sunrise shot, then plan accordingly. During the sunset and sunrise, direct rays falling on the ship creates a picture-perfect frame. Take your time and do explore the different angles to make sure you capture the best. Though this site is worth visiting, it is always recommended to follow the instructions and not enter inside the ship.

Garðar BA shipwreck in the Westfjords of Iceland

How to Reach Garðar Ba Shipwreck?

Garðar BA 64 can easily be located on the main route in the Westfjords – road number 612 (towards Látrabjarg Bird Cliffs), which is nearby the road nr. 62. The ship can be seen on the shore of Patreksfjörður and has a large parking area as well.

Garðar BA on a map

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