The Geothermal Goldfish Pond in Husavik


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  • GPS: 66.01534, -17.35684
  • Located 2 km south of Húsavík in north Iceland. 
  • Swim with the goldfish in the hot spring. 
  • Temperature around 20-30°C.
  • No changing facilities. 
  • Hidden Gem – not crowded. 
  • We need better photos of the pool – if you have some we would love to see from your experience. 

A secret location treasured by the Icelandic population, the geothermal goldfish pond looks ecstatic. The geothermal pool is located in the south of Husavik town in North Iceland. It is known by the name Kaldbakur Pond and one of the most unique things that you will explore in Iceland. Although there are multiple hot springs and pools all over North Iceland, this one stands out because of the bright goldfishes that live in the pond. Although, most people will not believe this because there is no other pool around with goldfishes. So the little attractive creatures make this geothermal pool quite special. The moderately warm pool looks exquisite under the sunlight.

Not fully discovered by the tourists yet, the geothermal goldfish pond is still considered a hidden location. One of the reasons for this can be its location. The pool is hidden from view inside a slight incline in the land. Iceland is a country so filled with beautiful locations, often crowded with hikers and tourists. Finding a beautiful location with less crowd in Iceland is a difficult task but not an impossible one considering locations like this geothermal goldfish pond in Husavik. Pleasantly warm water is always soothing to take a dip, making it one of the most breathtaking swimming locations in the country.

Things to Know About the Pool

The geothermal goldfish pond is neat and clean. The water is absolutely safe and you can take a bath without any stress. You will find some water plants and algae along with goldfishes. If you have children along, they will be delighted to see these small creatures swim around. This is a common place for locals to go swimming and bathing so you won’t find anything too dangerous or harmful in the water.

The water is not as hot as other geothermal pools in the surrounding areas and the temperature is around 20-30°C. Though this can fluctuate depending upon the weather. The ideal time to visit the pool will be sunny summer days. Whether you visit in the morning or during the time of sunset, this hot spring will immerse you in picturesque scenes, being surrounded by the rich scenery of Iceland. There are no restrooms or changing rooms around. You would probably have to change in your car or around the pool. This should not be a problem though as the pool is never too crowded. You will find a secluded corner to change.

Chances are that you will find a few locals from Husavik, who stop by to catch some goldfishes and to have a refreshing bath. You can engage with the locals to know more about the interesting places in the area.

Reaching the Geothermal Pool

Two kilometers south of Húsavík, this hot spring is easy to access via car. Just before you approach the town, you have to take a turn towards the right from Road 84. Keep driving for a few meters on the gravel road. At a short distance, you will be able to see the hot spring. 

Other Things to do in the Area

You can explore Husavik town which is quite close to the pool. Husavik is one of the oldest settlements in the country and the largest town in Þingeyjarsýsla district. It also serves as a service center for the areas in the vicinity. Husavik is best known for grand whale watching tours. So if you want to explore the rich wildlife of Iceland. You can plan a personal tour including all the interesting spots that offer a wealth of flora and fauna. You will find up to 23 species of whale, which includes blue whale. There is a local whale museum also that you must visit.

Another visit-worthy place is Salka Restaurant in Húsavík. They serve the country’s best pizzas, as well as tasty dishes made from local Icelandic ingredients. Salka Restaurant is open all year round.

Don’t forget to visit the GeoSea baths located in Húsavík. They are considered to be one of the best modern baths in the country. 

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