Glanni Waterfall: A House For Elves and Gnomes


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Falling into the Norðurá river, Glanni waterfall is one of the famous attractions in Iceland. Known to be a dwelling place of elves and trolls, this small waterfall is situated in the western region of Iceland. Three side-by-side streams of waters fall into the Norðurá river. Norðurá is a popular salmon river and  attracts visitors from all over the world for fishing. Grábrók volcanic craters is also around the corner and adds  charm to this place. The waterfall is easy to access, and you will find a good path that leads you from the parking lot and to the waterfall. A dedicated path is built there to get the complete view of the waterfall and the mountains in the backdrop. When you walk towards the waterfall you can notice that the path goes further in between the trees, where you can find a small oasis that is called “Paradise Hollow”. This small waterhole, Paradise Hollow is filled with emerald and turquoise. 

Glanni waterfall in west Iceland

The panoramic view of this landscape introduces you to the true beauty of nature. A well-maintained path around this waterfall makes the access quite easy. There is a fish ladder at the site so you can witness the fish jumping around the waterfall.  Watching jumping fishes is possible only during Salmon run in the river. The flora and fauna around this waterfall will leave you amazed. You can take a walk around the uneven terrain surrounded by rocks and vegetation. The terrain around Glanni is diverse due to the nearby ancient lava field. Paradise is an ideal to relax in the middle of the lava rocks. There are many tour guide companies that offer a complete trip to crater, waterfall and Krauma Spa. For accommodation, you will find many hotels and guesthouses in the town of Borgarnes that offer all the facilities.

After exploring the waterfall it is ideal to head over to Pardisralaut or “Paradise Hallow”. Paradisarlaut is an ideal place to relax in the middle of the lava rocks. For accommodation, you will find many hotels and guesthouses in the town of Borgarnes that offer all the facilities.

How to Reach The Place

Glanni waterfall is situated near the golf course around Grábrókarhraun lava field. Reaching this place is easy if you are traveling through Ring Road. It is located on Route Number 1, at a distance of 30 kilometers North of Borganes. If you are driving towards North, take a right turn just before Bifrost to head towards Glanni waterfall and Paradise Hallow. You will see the signboard of the Glanni golf course. You will find a large parking space next to the golf course and a sight that leads you to the waterfal. The walking distance from the parking lot to the waterfall is around 5 minutes. You can find a toilet at the parking lot, and small shop that is open during the golfing season. After parking your vehicle, look at the signboards indicating hiking trail directions. You will notice the gravel path heading to the right. Walk on this path for a few hundred feet and turn left until you see the waterfall. 

Glanni waterfall in west Iceland

Map of Glanni

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