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  • Erupted 3000 years ago

Blessed with nature’s treasures, Iceland is a bonhomie of beauty. Explorers around the world come to devour this extraordinary display of floral wealth. With every turn while driving, you can set eyes on some ancient monuments or lush green fields. A gem from this Icelandic wealth is Grábrók. Grábrók is a volcanic crater formed by a fissure eruption. The widespread scenery will transcend you to an otherworldly place that offers rejuvenating calm.

Grábrók volcano in west Iceland

What to Expect from the Surroundings

Situated in West Iceland, Grábrók erupted approximately three thousand years ago. In the vicinity of the volcanic fissure, there are three craters­­­– Grábrók, Rauðbrók, and Smábró, out of which Grábrók is the biggest one. For hikers and trekkers, this destination is no less than raw gold. The advantage is that the hiking trails are suitable for people of all ages as the height of it is just 170 meters. Located east of tiny but exquisite Lake Hreðavatn, Grábrók will reward you with mesmerizing views once you reach the top. You will get views over the university campus at Bifröst and you will also see Baula, a cone-shaped and colorful mountain. You can grab light meals and snacks at the roadside restaurant Hreðavatnsskáli, which is placed a little before Grábrók.

Grábrók volcano in west Iceland

Places to Stay around Grábrók

There are various guest houses and hotels near Grábrók that you can choose to stay in. Varmaland Campsite is a great idea if you are an adventurer and would like to sleep out in the nature. The area around the campsite is beautiful. If you would rather like to spend the night in a hotel, you have options like Hótel Bifröst that is located only 4 mintues drive from Grábrók. There are dormitories and rooms available on a sharing basis too if you are traveling with your friends. If you prefer privacy, separate cottages are highly recommended and can be found in the area. 

When to Visit Grábrók

Every season is great at Grábrók but the trails that lead up to the volcano are more easy to access during the summer. If you are on a self driving trip around west Iceland you will also have longer days during the summer so you can cover all the great spots that can be found in the area. Packing a warm jacket, hiking stick and tough boots with an excellent grip is compulsory. They would help you in covering long stretches on uneven grounds. Following weather forecasts consistently is compulsory as climate can turn within moments in Iceland. If you visit with children, be highly careful on the mountain peaks as the areas around Grábrók are moss-covered which can be slippery.

Grábrók volcano in west Iceland

Map of Grábrók

Interesting locations in the area

Hotels & Restaurants

More Locations in West Iceland

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