Guðlaug Hot Tubs in Akranes | Relaxing and Rejuvenating in the geothermal hot spring


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Iceland has always been one of the most fascinating destinations that never fails to attract travel enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and environmentalists from across the world. This place has made people witnessed some of the most unnatural and unrealistic phenomena of nature, which seems to be unbelievable at first but are complete reality. If you wish to feel the power of nature, Iceland is indubitably the best place to visit. There are innumerable places that are sure to make your jaw drop in awe and will mesmerize you, at every destination, you visit in Iceland, you are going to experience something that you have never witnessed before. Be it visiting crystal ice caves, standing at the black sand beach with human-sized icebergs by your side, witnessing the steaming geysers, walking past the lava fields, or be it looking at the massive waterfalls; Iceland has everything you could wish to explore once in your lifetime. And this is the reason, why Iceland is known as a place of fire and ice.

Now, moving on to one such exciting destination, which you might have not listed on your travel itinerary is the Guðlaug Hot Tubs in Akranes. This place has a charm of its own – just imagine having a hot steam bath with a magnificent view of the Langisandur beach and that too from the pool right in front of you! Isn’t that great? So, let’s get started and know more about this destination.

Geothermal Pool at Langisandur Beach in Akranes

If you are visiting Iceland for the first time, then you might come across some of the Icelandic names that are a bit tricky to pronounce, but Icelanders will surely help you get the correct pronunciation.  Guðlaug seems to be a tongue twister but you will get it. The direct English translation of Guðlaug is – the pool of god or means a woman’s name. Guðlaug is an extremely popular newly opened man-made geothermal pool that is located in the Langisandur breakwater, in the town of Akranes, West Iceland.

Nothing feels so calming and soothing than having a dip in the warm water with a majestic view of the Langisandur beach, which is a long and beautiful sandy beach and is listed amidst the blue flagged beach that means it meets the required cleanliness, health, and safety criteria, perfect for sea-swimming. So, go ahead and bathe in the ocean too. Guðlaug is a beautifully designed hot pool with three floors. The top one is the viewing deck or the observation deck, the second floor has the hot pool to relax in, while the water from the second-floor flows down to the base level, which is a wading pool at beach level. The view at the top is stunning, you see across the Faxaflói and Reykjanes bay and all the way to Reykjavik. These floors are designed in a way that all the floors are interconnected with the staircases that also connects the pool to the beach as well. This recreational pool has an equipment storage room and also have showers installed by the pool. This pool is opened throughout the year and is commonplace for the residents of Akranes – this place is ideal for a variety of beach activities.

It is completely free to use the pool. 

How to Reach Guðlaug Hot Baths, Langisandur Beach, Akranes

From Reykjavík, it will approximately around 50 minutes to reach Guðlaug Hot Baths. Akranes is approximately 50 km from Reykjavík. Start by following on Suðurgata to Hringbraut/Route-49 and continue on Route-49. Now, take Þjóðvegur 1, Þjóðvegur, and Hvalfjarðargöng to Kalmansbraut/Route-51 and continue on Kalmansbraut. From there drive to Höfðabraut in Akranes. This will be the nearest point that will take you to the Guðlaug hot tubs at the beach.

Map of Guðlaug

Interesting locations in the area

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