Gufufoss Waterfall- A Fun Experience


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  • GPS: 65.23989, -14.05757
  • One of hundreds waterfalls in Seyðisfjörður
  • Parking lot located close to the waterfall. 

Splendid land of fire and ice, Iceland has decorated marvels for everyone to experience. From majestic ravines to lush green lands, the countryside is something that globetrotters want to explore. Gufufoss waterfall is one such marvelous thing to explore in Iceland. Situated on your way to Seyðisfjörður village in the East fjords, Gufufoss waterfall will mesmerize you with its jaw-dropping scenery.

Gufufoss waterfall in east Iceland - Seyðisfjörður waterfalls

Explore around Gufufoss Waterfall

The origin of Gufufoss waterfall is the River Fjarðará. The river has 25 waterfalls and one among them is Gufufoss. Located near the village of Seyðisfjörður, Gufufoss looks the same as the Skogafoss waterfall. The only difference is Gufufoss is far more peaceful and smaller than the Skogafoss waterfall. For those who want to break away from constant city noises, Gufufoss will be a beautiful haven. It is charming and quiet. You can engage in bird watching as you can see many seasonal species here resting after long flights. The hike to the top of the waterfall is easy as the waterfall is not too tall. You can find a parking lot located next to the waterfall so the access to the waterfall is very easy. 

You will most likely be visiting this waterfall on your way to the port-town of Seyðisfjörður. Seyðisfjörður is Iceland’s most important harbor on the East harbor as ferries from Continental Europe arrive here. In Seyðisfjörður you can find numerous of great hotels and guesthouses and a beautiful campsite where you can spend the night and explore the locales around Seyðisfjörður. Vestdalsfossar waterfalls is also one of the series of waterfalls located near River Fjarðará.  It is located approximately three kilometers northeast of Seyðisfjörður. If you are a photography enthusiast, you can capture awesome pictures here.

Best Season to Visit Gufufoss Waterfall

Summers are ideal to visit Gufufoss waterfall. Iceland is an arctic country, where even summers can get cold. Hence, all the hydro activities are advisable in summers. The days are long and bright, so you can explore many spots in one day. If you are planning a self driving tour with your friends, make sure you choose the vehicle according to the size of the season and the size of  your group. Pack sturdy boots and jacket for all seasons. Shoes with strong grip are recommended for safe hiking. For a full packing list, check out the summer and winter packing list for your trip to Iceland. 

Gufufoss waterfall in east Iceland - Seyðisfjörður waterfalls

Places to Stay around Gufufoss Waterfall

There are ample options to stay around Gufufoss waterfall. We recommend that you stay in Seyðisfjörður village, but Egilsstaðir, the largest town of the East fjords is also located less than 30 minutes drive from Gufufoss.  Hotel Aldan in Seyðisfjörður has perks like a separate dining space along with other basic amenities. There are dormitories and rooms available on a sharing basis in several guest houses. The camping grounds in Seyðisfjörður and Hallormsstaðaskógur are great and highly recommended by our locals and travelers. 

Gufufoss waterfall on a map

Interesting locations in the area

Hotels & Restaurants

More Locations in East Iceland

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