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Experiencing magnificence may be difficult in other places but not in Iceland. Hænubrekkufoss waterfall is a good example of this country’s magnificence. It is one of the largest waterfalls found along the Berufjarðará, situated at the west side of the Öxi pass. Its towering height makes it touch the sky. This giant waterfall has three different drop points, collectively forming a height of approximately 175 feet. Photographs of the waterfall cannot sufficiently emphasize its aura, so being near the waterfall will be the experience of a lifetime.

Scenes from Hænubrekkufoss Waterfall

You can enjoy the impressive views of Hænubrekkufoss waterfall from highway 1. The aura of this miraculous waterfall can be equally appreciated from a far distance. The uppermost part is at a dangerous high, hence cannot be accurately measured. The approximate height of the topmost fall is 35-feet. While the middle segment and the lower one tower at 43 feet and 97 feet respectively. The effect of Hænubrekkufoss waterfall is quite powerful which attracts both tourists and locals alike. If you crave an adrenaline rush and want to witness something truly exceptional, Hænubrekkufoss waterfall is the spot you cannot miss.

The Stunning Effect of Hænubrekkufoss

The outstanding scenic qualities of this waterfall and its surroundings will be the highlights of the tour. There are no qualms if you have other things to see in the vicinity and cannot make out a specific time for Hænubrekkufoss. Even if you are passing from the road nearby, a glimpse of this waterfall can make your day. Close access to this waterfall is easy. There is no marked trail or established path that tourists necessarily have to follow. It is an easy and simple stroll and in some time you will be admiring the base of the waterfall, engrossing in the power of the waterfall.

Reaching this Beautiful Spot

You will have to take Route 939 for Öxí pass near which Hænubrekkufoss is situated. You can start for route 939 from highway 1, a suitable way to reach Oxi Pass between Berufjörður and Suðurdalur, in the east of Iceland. This is also a shorter route as it can reduce the driving distance from about 60 kilometers between Egilsstaðir and Hofn. Note that the the Öxi pass is a gravel road that can be pretty steep at times. This dirt road is not ideal for trailers. This is not a matter to lose hope as you can still enjoy the view of this eye-pleasing waterfall. On the road, a broad curve situated about 5 kilometers north of Highway 1 in Berufjörður provides the best view of the waterfall. Its junction is approximately 20 kilometers north of the town of Djúpivogur. There are clear spots on the curve from where the different sections of the waterfall are visible. There is an easy walk to reach the bottom of the waterfall. Though there are no heavy or noteworthy obstacles, still the path consists of moss-covered slopes. Ensure that you wear shoes with a good grip when hiking to Hænubrekkufoss waterfall. 

Hænubrekkufoss on a map

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