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A waterfall with a world-class panoramic view, laying eyes on Háifoss will feel like redemption from all materialistic things of life. The picturesque beauty on the edge of the southern highlands of Iceland, Háifoss waterfall is one of the tallest waterfalls in the country. With a height of 122 meters, it used to wear the crown of the tallest waterfall till the 20th century before some other cascading wonders were discovered on the island. Now, it is the fifth tallest waterfall in the whole country and one of the most beautiful spots to visit to get a fair idea of Iceland’s beauty as a nature-clad piece of wonder. Háifoss waterfall is located in Fossá river which is a tributary of Þjórsá river, a glacial river which is also Iceland’s longest glacial river. Fossá forms Háifoss and a neighboring waterfall named Granni (which means neighbor in Icelandic) when it flows into the Þjórsárdalur valley and splits into two parts. Granni is situated right next to Háifoss and falls into a deep gorge created by Fossá river.

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Háifoss waterfall in Golden Circle Iceland

More than Just a Waterfall Visit

So, you visit the Háifoss waterfall and spend about half an hour taking pictures and soaking in the beauty of the cascading waters forming a white foamy sheet at the bottom. Do you head back home? In most cases, yes but not in the case of Háifoss waterfall. The main trail will lead you to the top of the waterfall where you can watch it from far falling into the river. Another thing that you can do is hike down to the bottom and enjoy the view from a different angle. Hiking down to the bottom of the waterfall is of intermediate hiker level so you do not have to be scared if you do not have a lot of hiking experience and if you are wearing a sturdy pair of hiking boots.

Activities in the area

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Háifoss waterfall in Golden Circle Iceland

How to Get to Your Destination

Háifoss waterfall is about 140 km away from the capital city of Reykjavík so it will take you about 2 hours to get to your destination. Most of the journey will be consisted of driving on Route 32. The traffic will be low so it will turn out to be a pleasant ride. Turn left on 332 where you will see a sign that says Laxargljúfur. It is a small 7.2-kilometer-long ride after you take an immediate right turn at the very next t-point turn that to the parking lot for the waterfall.

It will be wise to hire a 4×4 for this drive which is also graded compatible for driving off-road. While most of the ride will be smooth, you will have to drive on a gravel path for a bit which can be done safely in a 4×4.

After you get to the parking lot, it is a short walk to the waterfalls ahead on a wide gravel road. Again, good hiking shoes are recommended to cover the terrain easily and comfortably. The view is every bit magnificent as you may have read in so many travel blogs and seen in so many videos. The hype that is created about the waterfall will be every bit true once you pay a visit.

Háifoss waterfall in Golden Circle Iceland

Map of Háifoss waterfall

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