Helgafell – Mesmerizing Experience of The Holy Mountain


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Iceland is a place where nature speaks for itself with moving scenery, breathtaking mountains, and dense lands. At every turn, you can witness one or the other miracle in the form of a heritage site or a cliff that presents the view of a beautiful landscape. One such site is Helgafell Holy Mountain. Brimming with long and colorful history, mountain Helgafell is considered a sacred place for Icelanders because it is believed that three of your wishes will get fulfilled if you hike to the top of the mountain without turning back or speaking a single word. You have to turn towards the east to make the wishes.

Helgafell Holy Mountain in Snæfellsnes Peninsula

Explore around Helgafell Holy Mountain

Around 73 meters tall, once you climb the Helgafell Holy Mountain, you will be presented with the mesmerizing view of the Breiðafjörður bay and the areas around it. Mount Helgafell has historical significance that dates back to Landnáma, ‘The Book of Settlement’, the oldest written source on the settlement of Iceland. So if you want to unravel some historical places in Iceland then Helgafell is for you. Helgafell Mountain is located next to Stykkisholmur village on the Snæfellsnes peninsula in West-Iceland. You can find multiple boat tours to explore the bay around the village and  Snæfellsnes peninsula. Waiting for you on these tours are exquisite multiple islands that you can enjoy on a couple of hour’s trip on Breiðafjörður bay. You can discover starfishes, seashells of various styles, and much more interesting creatures of sea life. If you want to soothe your eyes with tranquil locations and spend some time amidst the wonders of fauna, then these tours are perfect for you. Highest among these islands is the Dímonarklakkar islands, part of Breiðafjörður bay. There are two other islands- Small Klakkur which is 54 m high and Big Klakkur which is 72 m. They are a part of an archipelago called Klakkeyjar islands. You would be able to spot a myriad of kittiwakes, shags, and puffins as you move along this water tour. The ideal season to go on a boat tour from Stykkisholmur is from mid-April until mid-August to see the puffins in Iceland during their breeding season. To experience something unique and refreshing, you can make a stop at Hvítbjarnarey island, also known as Polar bear island. Here you can find different materials of rocks than the other rocks on the island. Going on a guided boat tour is always recommended, even if you want to have a personalized tour.

Helgafell Holy Mountain in Snæfellsnes Peninsula

When to visit Helgafell Holy Mountain

You can plan a trip to Helgafell in both winters and summers. Summers are always recommended because the weather is stable as compared to winters. Also in summers, the days are long and clear. This means that you can engage in photography, capturing some of the most beautiful sites and some most amazing creatures such as puffins. If you plan a tour in winters, make sure that you follow the weather forecast and pack accordingly. Sturdy boots are a must as you would have to engage in long hiking trails throughout the journey of islands. Keeping snacks high on vitamin D is also a great idea as vitamin D can dip in Iceland due to lack of sunshine in winters.

Helgafell Holy Mountain in Snæfellsnes Peninsula

Places to stay near Helgafell Holy Mountain

There are quite a few guest houses and hotels situated near Helgafell, as it’s a popular site among Icelanders. Acommodation like Fosshotel Stykkishólmur hotel provide modern rooms and suites which are spacious. They also have a restaurant and free parking available. Guesthouse Langley is another good place to stay. Indoor stay is advised for better safety. When driving to Snæfellsnesvegur road number 54 and you come to the intersection at Stykkishólmur number 58, you drive approximately 5 kilometers and take a right turn on the via road number 5772, there you reach Helgafell. As you would reach there, free parking and a visitor’s center are also available for help.

Map of Helgafell

Interesting locations in the area

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