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Full of charm and natural beauty, Iceland is home to many breathtaking cliffs, riffs, and islands. Small towns filled with historical monuments can be found every few miles in Iceland. Húsavík is one of the many stunning towns of Iceland situated at the coastline by Skjálfandi Bay. Deemed as a cultural hub by locals, the town of Húsavík has many pretty corners where tourists can have experience of a lifetime.

Húsavík fishing village in north Iceland

See and Explore around Húsavík Town

Part of North Iceland, Húsavík has a population of approximately two thousand people. Explorers around the world know Húsavík as the whale watching town of Iceland, as multiple whale watching tours are conducted here. If you are interested in experiencing sea life closely, this town can be the fulfillment of your exploration. Whales here are quite playful and if you are lucky, you may also get to see some breaching and fin slapping. Rare species like White Beaked Dolphins and Harbour Porpoises can also be found within the bay.

In this historically-rich town, you will find Húsavíkurkirkja church, a beautiful wooden structure that’s been there since 1907. You will get to know about the history of seafaring in Iceland in the civic museum for culture and biology which features a stuffed polar bear and ancient boats. Those who would like to get acquainted with the history of Iceland will enjoy a tour here. For an even better experience, you can hire a professional guide who would walk you through the details of the town. An Exploration Museum is also located nearby to know about various space missions and discoveries.

If you are traveling around the area, you can check out Lake Mývatn, which is a beautiful water body with many small islands around. Located in the north of Iceland, it is the fourth-largest lake in the country. Adventurers like to explore Mývatn lake for its sheer aesthetic beauty which is a combination of serenity and volcanism. This place is a beautiful spot with serene waters and incredible views. For those who like to sit and relax, this lake has a soothing aspect to it which is perfect for absorbing tranquility. You can engage in some bird watching here. Always keep a camera handy as you may not know when a bird would reward with a beautiful pose. Naturally heated water spring here are perfect for taking a dip. The best part is its free entry.

Húsavík fishing village in north Iceland

Most Popular Activities in Húsavík

When to Visit Húsavík

Húsavík is a popular destination in all seasons. During winters the town looks charming and is often covered with fresh snow. The town looks happening with all ice-related sports and activities like skating. A few precautions are to be taken during winters such as following weather forecasts closely as snowstorms and tides are common during winters in Iceland. Packing a thick long jacket that would keep you warm and sturdy boots is mandatory. The summers are high season for Whale Watching in Húsavík and are therefor a great time to visit this magical place. 

Places to Lodge near Húsavík

Hotels and guest houses can be easily found to stay in Húsavík. Arbol is a casual guesthouse that offers rooms at affordable prices. With a museum-like ambiance, this is a fun place to lodge. Gamli Skólinn Húsavík offers all the basic amenities at attractive rates. This is a viable option if you are with your group of friends and looking for a decent place to stay with limited money. With facilities like sightseeing and separate dining, Skógar Sunset Guesthouse also offers free wifi. Guesthouse Sigtún is another feasible option if you are visiting Húsavík with your family. They have spacious rooms with a great range of facilities.

Map of Húsavík

Interesting locations in the area

Hotels & Restaurants

More Locations in North Iceland

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