Húsdýragarðurinn Zoo in Reykjavik


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Iceland is a clean and extremely vibrant place. It is a perfect and ideal destination for traveling and exploring raw nature and is liked by adventure seekers, travel enthusiasts, environmentalists, and globe trotters across the world. If you wish to spend quality time with your friends and family, Iceland serves to be an ideal place. It is sure to leave you stunned with its mesmerizing and unbelievable beauty, perfect for a refreshing and relaxing vacation with your family. From massive icebergs, steaming geysers, crystal ice caves, massive lava fields to horse riding on the beach and watching the majestic whales, every destination creates a spell on you. When in Iceland, be prepared for the rejuvenating experience amidst the lap of nature. Yes, there is one place in Iceland that you can visit with your kids and even adults will enjoy it for hours – it is Húsdýragarðurinn Zoo in Reykjavik. So, let’s explore this zoo and what it has for everyone!  

Husdyragardurinn zoo in Reykjavik

Little Petting Zoo with Amusement Park

Húsdýragarðurinn Zoo is one of the biggest zoos in Iceland, located in Laugardalur in the middle of Reykjavik. If you love to interact with the animals and spend time petting them, then nothing seems to be better than spending time in Húsdýragarðurinn Zoo, which is located in Reykjavik. It is the only domestic zoo where people visit and find many species of animals roaming in their habitat; though most of them are domestic animals and people can pet them too. In the Húsdýragarðurinn Zoo, which is located in the capital city Reykjavik, you will come across sheep, pigs, horses, hens, and goats, and also reindeer along with the foxes, minks, doves, and also seals. A perfect place for animal lovers. So, spare out some time and spend quality time with your family petting the Icelandic animals. You will also come across a small oasis with some Icelandic animals around.

You will feel enthusiasm and immense happiness when you visit this beautiful zoo. One should know that; Icelandic importation laws are extremely strict and it is considered illegal. But a few years back, frogs and lizards were added to the zoo, but soon these were imported to a pet store and then, they were donated to the zoo. Not just this, you might come across a few of the injured birds or animals too, they are sent to give proper treatment and offer complete help till they are completely healthy and fine. Apart from this, you will come across the majestic owls, falcons, vagrant birds, and eagles too. Let your little ones explore the different species of birds and animals in the zoo and bring them closer to nature and wildlife, which also helps to develop a sense of responsibility to be kind and gentle towards them. Icelandic animals are extremely friendly and will not harm anyone. The animals are seen roaming in the grassy lands of the zoo during summers, while in the winters, most animals are inside.

Husdyragardurinn zoo in Reykjavik

Connected to an Amusement Park

Húsdýragarðurinn Zoo is connected to Fjölskyldugarðurinn, which is a perfect place to let the kids enjoy their favorite rides. It is a small park that has rides and after visiting Húsdýragarðurinn zoo, one can also visit this place to let the kids spend some time playing and enjoying amidst the natural environment.

Directions to Húsdýragarðurinn Zoo

If you are traveling to Húsdýragarðurinn Zoo from the city center of Reykjavik, then it will take approximately 10 minutes to reach. Start by following Suðurgata to Hringbraut/Route 49 and then continuing on the on Route 49 to Suðurlandsbraut, and drive to the drive to Engjavegur. This will take you towards the zoo.

Husdyragardurinn zoo in Reykjavik

Húsdýragarðurinn Zoo on a map

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