Kálfshamarsvík Basalt Column Cove


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Iceland, which is known as the land of fire and ice, should also be known as the land of hidden mysteries of nature. At each turn of the road, you will find some magical riff or hot lava grounds or historically valued monuments or clear water bodies. The country is like Santa’s tote bag, from which each time you can pull a wonder out. One such wonder is the Kálfshamarsvík basalt column cove. Located on the Skagi peninsula in north Iceland, Kálfshamarsvík basalt column cove is a pure gem of nature that will compel you to immerse in its breathtaking beauty. The place holds great historical value as around 1900 there was a busy fishing station here. 

Kálfshamarsvíkurviti lighthouse in north Iceland - Kálfshamarsvíkur cove basalt columns

Explore Around Kálfshamarsvík Basalt Column Cove

If you want to know more about the history of the cove which is quite fascinating, an interesting historical walk can be considered a good option here. Information signs, sitting on basalt columns, have been put up by the ruins for tourists to follow. What kind of buildings stood where and who lived in which building can be explored. It is possible to get a professional guide when visiting this location. The guides will know a place inside out and can truly help you find good spots in the area. You can engage yourself in some photography here as Kálfshamarsvík is a beautiful spot where small green rocks meet the ocean and enhance the ambiance of nature even more. There are many beautiful locations to explore in the area of Kálfhamarsvík. From there you can continue your journey to Kolugljúfur, which is a gorge in the river Víðidalsá river. It is a majestic sight and one of many impressive natural wonders in Víðidalur and Vatnsdalur valleys. Ensure that you include a tour to Kolugljúfur in your itinerary and select your tour accordingly because usually, people miss Kolugljúfur in a bid to see more popular and fancy places.

If you like to stop for a dip in hot pools, 40 kilometers from the Ring Road at Varmahlíð in Reykjaströnd at the farm Reykir, you will find two small hot springs, named Grettislaug and Jarlslaug. You can make a quick stop here and absorb some of the place’s warmth and peace.

Kálfshamarsvík - north Iceland

Best Season to Visit Kálfshamarsvík Basalt Column Cove

Winters can be a little dicey at Kálfshamarsvík because water is salty and it can get too cold. The road conditions on the roads that lead to Kálfhamarsvík are also not that well contained during the high winter time, so we always recommend that you keep a good eye on the weather forecast and road conditions before you leave for your trip. Summers are awesome to explore Kálfshamarsvík with its long and chilling days on end. A carefree tour can be planned for Kálfshamarsvík in the summer. Pack your essentials accordingly, and sturdy boots that will be a great accompaniment for all the long trails.

How to get to Kálfshamarsvík?

Take the Ring Road to northern Iceland. You take a turn north on Road 74 from the ring road and the drive is approximately 36 kilometers to the cove. This road is not driven by many people, so it is not very well contained, especially during the winter time. 

Kálfshamarsvík Basalt Column Cove on a map

Interesting locations in the area

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