Kirkjufjara Black Sand Beach


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Black volcanic sand along the shores of sea is not usual, this amazing view can be experienced at one of the most unique beaches of Iceland, Kirkjufjara Beach. Kirkjufjara beach is located next to the famous Reynisfjara black sand beach. Known for its black sand, Kirkjufjara has a tall sea stack that is immovable even in the wild storm. Due to the presence of eagle nests in the past, this sea stack has been named “Eagle Rock”. Providing a spectacular view in front of endless ocean, this tall standing rock attracts travelers in every season of the year. Easy access and wonderful attraction of this place invite people from all parts of Iceland. Though rocky beach and extremely cold water of sea stop you to go swimming, you can witness one of the wonders of natural beauty. You can visit this place to capture the magnificent view of the endless sea covered with a layer of clouds and fog.

Uniqueness and the thundering weather of the Kirkjufjara beach provide you with an exceptional experience. With huge rocky islands along the Kirkjufjara coast enhances the beauty of this place. On the west, you will witness the archipelago of rocky islands, named Westman Islands. Far behind the beach, you can take a glimpse of glacier peaks covered with bright white ice. The white glaciers and the black sand beach make a perfect contrast to click cool photographs.

Kirkjufjara black sand beach and Eagle Rock in south Iceland

When to Visit Kirkjufjara - Be extra careful on the beach

The place is a beautiful attraction to walk along the seashore when tides are low. Due to its geographical conditions, this spectacular beach can turn harsh in no time, and thus trying swimming or any other activity is dangerous at this place. Plan your trip on a normal day, when it’s unlikely to rain or heavy winds. It is not recommended to walk along the beach and do not step inside in the ocean as the calm water can turn into heavy tides in no time.

Though the beach is located under a higher cliff with the forceful Atlantic Ocean on the other side, the intensity of waves and tides is completely different. You can get to see the higher waves every 3-4 minutes making the beach highly dangerous. If the tides are high and winds are strong, you should not enter the Kirkjufjara Beach in any way. Even if you don’t get any chance for adventure activities on this beach, it provides a million opportunities to capture the beauty in the camera. You can get photographs clicked with a giant ocean or the mighty rock on the black sand beach.

Kirkjufjara black sand beach and Eagle Rock in south Iceland with views over to Reynisfjara and Reynisdrangar

How to Reach There

Located a distance of around 179 kilometers from the capital city of Reykjavik, the beach is not much far from Vik village. While starting from Reykjavik, drive on the ring road Route 1 and take a right turn after some time to get on the Road 218. Drive straight on this route towards Dyrhólaey for around 2 hours. After a long journey, you will find the parking lot of Dyrhólaey and Kirkjufjara beaches. The parking lot and the beach are not far apart so you can easily track the rest of the way. There is a narrow path surrounded by 2-3 meters tall cliffs that leads to Kirkjufjara beach.

Visiting the Kirkjufjara beach in a group of friends or family is a safe option. Travel with proper clothing according to the weather and keep a pair of non-slippery sleepers. Whatever the complications are, you are surely going to love the panoramic view of cliffs and the Giant Ocean together. From the parking space of Kirkjufjara beach, you will get a majestic view to Dyrhólaey arch, Reynisfjara black beach, and Reynisdrangar stacks, to the east.

Map of Kirkjufjara

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