Krossneslaug – Infinity Geothermal Pool in the Westfjords


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Krossneslaug natural pool is one of the most beautiful pools in Iceland. The pool is located in a very remote place in the Strandir region in the Westfjords. It is a very peaceful and relaxing area with beautiful landscape. 

The Strandir region stretches along the northern coast of the Westfjords and is one of Iceland‘s most remote and inhabited areas. The region is rich with history and natural beauty. 

The surroundings of the pool are breath taking. You will have views over the magnificent mountain on one side and the ocean on the other side. Because of its location, it is possible to spot whales from the swimming pool. It is also perfect to watch the northern lights dance above the skies during the winter time. 

The size of the pool is 6 x 12 meters and the dept of the pool is from 60 cm – 1,8 meters. The temperature of the pool is around 32 °C. You can fit up to 30 people in the pool. 

You will find changing rooms with showers located next to the pool that are well maintained. 

How to get to Krossneslaug pool

The pool is located a north of the fjord Norðurfjörður, near the Arctic Circle. The drive to the pool is pretty long and challenging. When driving from the village of Hólmavík you will take route 643. This is a gravel road, around 90 kilometers. There is only one way that leads to Krossneslaug pool so you will have to drive the same way back. The drive is very scenic with views over the coast, through the beautiful fjords and with the magnificent mountains in this area. 
On your way you can also find Gvendarlaug and Hákarlavogur hot springs. 

This road is accessible for most cars from the middle of May until the end of August. We recommend that you check if you are traveling during any other season to see if the road is open. 

Krossneslaug GPS: 66.05625, -21.50852

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