Krýsuvík Geothermal Area: Nature’s Beauty in South-West Iceland


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Located in the middle of a fissure on the mid-Atlantic ridge, Krýsuvík geothermal area is defined by mud pots, hot springs, and steaming vents. The multi-colored mineral deposits at Krýsuvík offers an amazing view to capture. This region consists of various geothermal fields including Seltun, Hverahvammur, and Hverahlid. The most famous Seltún area draws the attention of travelers throughout the year. The wooden pathways have been installed at Seltún during recent years. The wooden pathways allow you to walk safely between several fumaroles and mud pots with boiling water. The dramatic red, green, and yellow hills frame a stretch of steaming volcanic vents and hot springs. Located at a thirty-five-minute drive from Reykjavik, Krýsuvík is one of the most outstanding landscapes in Iceland. There is a well-maintained boardwalk that winds through the bubbling and hissing. The signboards all around the field explain the geology of the geothermal region.

Krysuvik selvik geothermal area in Reykjanes Peninsula Iceland

Places To Explore Near Krýsuvík

The adventure enthusiasts can hike to the steaming vent of Solfatara for a spectacular view of the ocean, lake, and geothermal fields. You will find colorful crater lakes beside the mud pots and Sulphur deposits. Grænavatn and Gestastaðavatn lakes and the two small pools located at each side of the road are explosion craters created by volcanic eruptions at different times. Grænavatn Lake is 46-meters deep with green water due to thermal algae and crystals that absorb the sunlight. The lake is only about a few hundred meters in diameter and offers a perfect trail for a refreshing walk. It takes about 20 minutes to track the trail around the lake.  When you stand by the brim, you can notice the color changes by the shoreline where the lake gets deeper.

Gestsstaðavatn Lake near Krýsuvík geothermal area draws its name from Getsstaðir, a nearby farm that was abandoned during the Middle Ages. On either side of the main road are two small lakes named Augun (eyes). Lake Kleifarvatn in the southern part of the region is known to be the largest lake in Reykjanes peninsula. Kleifarvatn is also one of the country’s deepest lakes with 97-meters depth. The lake is shrinking every year due to natural disasters.

When you explore the surrounding areas of the geothermal region, you can witness the stunning Krýsuvíkurberg Cliffs. Home to thousands of birds, these cliffs are known to be one of the best bird-watching sites. A large number of sea birds nest in the rough hillside beside the Atlantic surf. Hike along the track to the end of the cliffs where you can spot kittiwakes, razorbills, guillemots, and other birds. The birds diving into the sea or frolicking with their flock looks explains nature’s true beauty.

While visiting this geothermal region, you must be careful as the boiling and steaming geothermal vents can be dangerous. Track on the designated path or wooden pathways to avoid any accident. Another reason for the popularity of Krýsuvík is the location on the Reykjanes peninsula. You can visit Kleifarvatn Lake, the fishing village Grindavik and the blue lagoon on a day trip, or even as a short stop over at Keflavik Airport. 

Krysuvik selvik geothermal area in Reykjanes Peninsula Iceland

Reaching Krýsuvík

Located at a distance of about 35.8 kilometers from Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland, the Krýsuvík can be accessed easily. Either you can book a tour package from Reykjavik to the south-western region or explore the region by own vehicle. If you are starting from Reykjavik, follow road 41 towards Reykjanes and then take a left turn onto road 42.  Drive on Route 49 towards the south for some time. Take a right turn to head on to route 40 and cross Hamroborg. Keep driving on this route and take left turn move towards Fjarðarhraun. Drive on route 41 as soon as you cross Kaplakriki. To reach Krýsuvík, keep move on route 42 at Reykjanesbraut crossing. You can visit the geothermal area in every season of the year.

Map of Krýsuvík

Interesting locations in the area

Hotels & Restaurants

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