Kvika Hot Pool/Foot Bath Guide to Iceland


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  • 25-30 cm deep, 80-90 cm wide.
  • Fed by a nearby borehole.
  • Temperature around 102°F / 39°C.
  • Perfect spot to watch the northern lights, midnight sun or sunset in the city. 
  • Popular spot for dates. 

Iceland grabs the top position when it comes to the most mesmerizing and favorite travel destinations for solo travelers, explorers, and environmentalists. Iceland or its well-justified name “Land of Fire and Ice”, is sure to make you feel hypnotized by its natural beauty. From massive lava fields, majestic waterfalls, cascading streams, glaciers, snow-blanketed landscapes, crystal caves, to Europe’s largest glaciers, volcanically active areas, hot springs, blue lagoon, there are numerous places to explore and spend quality time with your friends and family.

If you have already prepared your travel itinerary for exploring Iceland, then hold on, there is one more place that needs to be explored and it is Kvika Hot Spring Footbath. If you are someone who loves to see the sunsets and mountains, sitting and relaxing by the seaside, then trust us, Kvika Hot Pool is the place for you!

Sunset Gazing & Sightseeing Near A Small Geothermal Foot Bath

Kvika Hot Pool is located at the northwestern point of Seltjarnarnes Peninsula. Though it is a lesser know place and often left out by the travelers, the views are mesmerizing and you can easily spend hours sitting here with your friends or family. It is located within walking distance from the city center of Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland. Kvika geothermal foot pool is an ideal place to rejuvenate yourself and escape from the city to feel the cool breeze. The hot spring foot bath is located near Grótta lighthouse and is well worth visiting when traveling in the area. If you love watching sunsets, or even the northern lights during winter time, this is the place for you. Grótta lighthouse also adds a dramatic touch to the whole landscape. Unwinding and exploring this region of Iceland on foot is certainly going to make you feel happy. This place near Reykjavík is ideal to experience the midnight sun or the Northern lights. It is considered the perfect place to capture the natural phenomena, northern lights, in the city.

This hot spring is a favorite one among locals. It’s convenient location is what makes it so popular. The perfect first date in Iceland is to go and buy ice cream and drive to the hot spring. Watch the sunset, midnight sun or the northern lights while you eat your ice cream and have your feet warmed up in the hot spring. 

Artistic Human-Made Hot Pool

This small human-made pool is designed by the artist Ólöf Nordal and offers you spectacular views of Esja mountain and the enormous Snæfellsjökull glacier. This human-designed hot-spring was carved into a large-sized rock by Ólöf. The hot spring is approximately 25-30 cm deep, 80-90 cm wide. This hot pool is fed by a nearby borehole and remains bearable enough to have a dip in it, nearly around 102°F (39°C). The rock is wide enough to sit comfortably on the edges. But, consider that there are no changing facilities in the areas; it is only a small footbath, so avoid getting completely wet here! There is no entry fee to visit this place.

Direction to Reach Geothermal Foot-Pools

If you are in the capital city of Iceland, Reykjavík, then it will take only 10 minutes to reach Kvika Foot Pool. Start from the main city and follow the route via Eiðsgrandi and Norðurströnd. It is approximately 4.7 km. While continuing on Norðurströnd, you will reach Kvika foot pools. You will find a small parking lot that is dedicated to the hot spring. 

Kvika hot spring on a map

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