Lambafellsgjá Fissure | All You Need to Know for your Trip


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  • 1 hour easy hike.
  • Hidden Gem.
  • Favorite among locals.
  • Perfect for families. 
  • Small Parking lot 1 kilometers from the fissure. 
  • GPS: 63.95725, -22.07975

    For those who want to roam around the world, Iceland is a dream destination. Travelers from across the globe come to the land of fire and ice to witness some of the most exquisite locations that have tremendous amounts of beauty. Situated at just an hour’s drive from Reykjavík, Lambafellsgjá is an open narrow fissure. Lambafellsgjá is like a stack in the landscape which is also called Lambafell.

    A Contrast of Black and Blue

    Also known as the narrow dark path, Lambafellsgjá is an exciting hiking route that will add to your experience in Iceland. Popular among the locals for the relaxing contrast that it offers, the narrow fissure is all black and inside it, you can see the blue sky a the thin line above you. You can bring in small lights and torches with you to see clearly while walking through it. Active high-temperature steam vents are there at the southern end of Lambafell. Only 50 meters deep, everyone can easily undertake the trek at this fissure. The best route to start the hike into the fissure is from the south. Excellent outcrops of subglacially-formed basaltic pillows are present in the walls of the fissure. There are two options to follow: hiking back through the fissure or go back above the hill and down a well-marked trail.

    Hiking in Lambafellsgjá Ravine

    Lambafellsgjá is a popular hiking route. Its location not far from Rekjavik makes it an ideal hiking route for the locals. However, it is not very well known by travelers yet but it is the perfect place to stop at on you road trip around Reykjanes peninsula, or if you are looking for a great activity on your day in Reykjavik. The hike is easy. It has been popular among Icelanders to take their children to this place. It is magical for the children to hike along the fissure and imagine the elfs that live in the hills.

    The fissure is around 50 meters deep and a few meters at width. During the summertime, it is possible to hike along the entire fissure. The hiking path is very unique and most likely different from what you have experienced before. At the southern end of the fissure, you can find a high temperature steam. The hike takes around 1 hour, and it is best to enter the fissure from the south. You will be walking down a steep graveled slope. When you reach the northern end of the fissure, you can either hike back through the fissure the same way, or you can go back over the hill and down a well-marked hiking trial.

    In the walls of the fissure you can see beautiful outcrops of subglacially formed basaltic pillows. The fissure was formed during the Holocene, but the pillows are thought to be older than the last glacial period. It is recommended to bring a light with you to light up some of the walls.

    Explore around Lambafellsgjá

    If you want to spend the day wondering around Reykjanes Peninsula, you can find some amazing places around Lambafellsgjá. One such is the Blue Lagoon. Situated at Reykjanes Peninsula, the milky-blue water of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland will give you a fresh and unique experience. The Blue Lagoon is known among the Icelanders for its medicinal properties. It is believed that some skin related problems are cured of this water. 

    Reykjanes Peninsula is popular among globetrotters for huge lava fields and volcanoes, which is the cause of sporadic geothermal activities in the area. Rich in birdlife, the peninsula has various bird species like cormorants and fulmar which would stun your heart with their natural aura. Fauna and flora lovers and enthusiasts will find Reykjanes to be their haven. You can find a bird colony nearby, named Krýsuvikurbjarg which is home to almost eighty thousand seabirds. Water bodies like lake Djúpavatn and Kleifarvatn (the largest lake on the peninsula) rest in the vicinity of Reykjanes Peninsula. Djúpavatn is popular as a fishing destination, although you would need certain permits to go fishing there. Miðnesheiði heath is also a stop worthy place which would engage you in its soothing beauty. The north side of the peninsula is filled with tiny fishing towns such as Keflavík, Njarðvík, Hafnir, and Ásbrú, with little population. If you want to explore the countryside of Iceland or are interested in the history of the country, you can make a quick stop at these towns and interact with locals. They always share genuine information to help you save time in navigating.

    High Season to Visit Lambafellsgjá

    Summers are considered a good time to visit Lambafellsgjá. The access to the ravine is easier and the days are longer and brighter. Ensure proper gear for any season that you plan to visit Lambafellsgjá in. When hiking through Lambafellsgjá, we recommend good hiking shoes with a good grip. 

    Hotels to Stay in Lambafellsgjá

    Lambafellsgjá is located less than an hour’s drive from Reykjavík. Therefor it is ideal to stay in Reykjavik and go to the ravine as a day trip. If you are looking for accommodation in the nearby area, Hotel Viking is a unique hotel located in Hafnarfjörður that offers good rooms, ecstatic views and it features a separate dining space. 

    How to reach Lambafellsgjá

    When you are driving to Lambafellsgjá, you will be driving road nr. 41, Rekjanesbraut. Turn south to the road that leads you to Keilir. When you reach the turn that takes you to down to Keilir, drive a little bit further until you will reach a small parking lot. The parking lot is located next to Elborg. Walk east of Eldborg to Lambafell. It is around 1 kilometer hike from the parking lot to Lambafellsgjá.

    Lambafellsgjá on a map

    Interesting locations in the area

    Hotels & Restaurants

    More Locations in Reykjanes Peninsula

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