Leirhnjukur | A Trip of a Lifetime to the geothermal fields


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Iceland is a heaven for tourists and explorers around the world. Nature knows no bounds when it comes to the beauty of Iceland. The country is filled with jaw-dropping mountains and larger than life water bodies. One such amazing place in the lands of Iceland is Leirhnjukur. Leirhnjukur is a geothermal area near lake Myvatn. If you want to visit a place that just stuns you with its visuals, you should keep Leirhnjukur among the top spots on your list.

Leirhnjukur geothermal fields in north Iceland

What to Expect from Leirhnjukur

Leirhnjukur is known by the name of ‘Mud Peak’ locally. The active volcano is at a height of 525 meters, located to the northeast of Lake Myvatn in North Iceland. The power and charge of nature are strong here as you will see numerous points from where fumes and smoke rise. If you want to explore something new, apart from parks and waterfalls, then Leirhnjukur can be a good place. You will find many mud pots at its foot. There are fumaroles on the flanks too. You can visit here for a small hike too with some precautions. You can start the trail from the back of the parking area and head towards the large brown-colored mountain. Do not stay for more than a few minutes at a particular spot as this field still produces heat. You will get to see aqua-colored hot springs in between small fissures. Do take your camera to capture this picturesque location. There is a car park facility available too.

Explore around Leirhnjukur

Lake Myvatn is quite close to Leirhnjukur lava ground. You need to drive East on Road 1 for six kilometers from Lake Myvatn to reach Leirhnjukur. You can sit and relax around the lake to absorb the surroundings for a while. For those who are looking for some adrenaline rush, there are two loops near the river, a big and a small loop. It will take a hike of three to four hours to cover both of them. Covered by the lava fields on both sides, hiking to these loops can be thrilling. The small loop has a pool that springs from underground. The blue-colored water is sure to surprise you. It is always better to hire a professional guide in these areas.

Leirhnjukur geothermal fields in north Iceland

Places to Stay near Leirhnjukur

There are multiple to near Leirhnjukur lava grounds. Fosshotel Myvatn is a good option if you are looking for some privacy on the trip. With other basic facilities, they have a separate bar where you can enjoy them. They also have the facility of free parking and wifi. It is situated in a beautiful place where you can admire a great view from your room. If you are looking to save some money, you can look for rooms on a shared basis in hotels like Eldá Guesthouse. They have laundry services available too along with free wifi and parking. A separate dining space is also there. You can book a pre-planned tour or take a personal tour too along with your friends. Choose a vehicle that can accommodate all your needs. 

Best Season to Visit Leirhnjukur

Autumn is considered best to visit Leirhnjukur lava grounds. Although if you want to experience snow, you should visit in winter between October to February. Snow-capped mountains and grounds are truly captivating in winters. Snowmobiling and other snow-related sports can also be played around during winter in the surrounding areas. Packing a sturdy jacket and boots with an excellent grip. Be extremely careful on lava grounds as on some spots your footwear can start to melt. This is why shoes with thick soles are recommended. They would keep you warm and help in covering long distances on uneven grounds and slopes. Do follow weather forecasts consistently. Winters in Iceland can be bad as there are frequent snowstorms and tides that can get dangerous. Make sure you pack the snacks high on vitamin D as Iceland is low on sunshine during winters.

Leirhnjukur geothermal fields in north Iceland

Map of Leirhnjukar

Interesting locations in the area

Hotels & Restaurants

More Locations in North Iceland

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