Fossabrekkur – Naturally Protected Oasis In South Iceland


Basic Information

In some secluded places in Iceland, you can find a small spot such as a small oasis.  Fossabrekkur is one of these places situated near the turn to Fjallabaksleið Nyrðri Highland road. It is a green oasis with multiple small waterfalls spread with a width of 150 meters. It is located at the foot of the volcano Hekla, where two rivers meet by the source of the river Rangá.  This waterfall is not much far from the Tröllkonuhlaup waterfalls.  The area around it is a massive spread of volcanic ash and sand with few streams and rivers.  A collection of vegetation has grown at a small slope by the river, around a few small waterfalls dripping down the slope. The clear sky, mountains in the backdrop, and green vegetation provide an amazing look to the Fossabrekkur oasis. On a clear day with blue sky, this horizontal waterfall resembles nature’s true beauty.

If you are visiting South Iceland, you must get a glimpse of this naturally protected gem. Since it is located at a secluded place, not many visitors know about this waterfall. The less tourist attraction has also contributed to maintaining the beauty of this place. At Fossabrekkur, the western arm of river Rangá falls off the rocks and meets the eastern arm; it runs thereafter in a single stream almost to the ocean. You can plan to stop at this place if driving to Landmannalaugar or traveling through the North Fjallabak road. There are many beautiful attractions near this place that you can cover in a weekend trip.

Natural Attraction Near Fossabrekkur

While you travel further around this small oasis, you will find the magnificent waterfall, Háifoss. Located at a distance of about 17 kilometers from Fossabrekkur, the waterfall lies in the Fossárdalur valley. It is popular among tourists throughout the world for being the third tallest waterfall of Iceland. The burbling sound of water falling from a height of 122 meters will amaze you. This waterfall is fed by the Fossá River, which goes into the longest river in Iceland, Þjorsá. Another waterfall falls beside the Háifoss that is lesser in height and power. Both the waterfalls can be seen simultaneously from the viewing area on the south side.

Further near Háifoss, you can visit the Hólaskógur that is a deforested area in the mid-highlands of Iceland. Hólaskógur is popular among travelers for excellent modern accommodations and one of the best amenities. If you are planning for the South Iceland trip, you can plan to stay at Hólaskógur.

How To Reach Fossabrekkur

Fossabrekkur waterfall is located next to road 26, near Þjófafoss waterfall. If you are traveling from the capital city of Iceland, Reykjavík, the path is almost the same as driving to the start of Landmannaleið. When you are starting from Reykjavík, drive on the Ring Road 1 for some time. Look out for the road 26 after you cross the bridge on river Þjórsá.  Head on this road and drive for approximately 50 kilometers north. By the Búrfell Mountain, you will find a signboard for Fossabrekkur oasis. From here, drive on the mountainous road F225 and continue on the path heading to Landmannaleið. You can stop some fascinating natural sites including Ljótipollur, Rauðifoss, and Landmannalaugar. Since the path is mountainous, travel in the 4×4 vehicle for a safe and convenient journey.

You can visit this place during any season of the year but visiting in the winter can be difficult. The mountainous road F225 may become muddy and slippery in the rainy season so drive carefully if you are visiting between October to February.

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