Hákarlavogur Hot Spring | Secret Hot Spring in the Westfjords


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In Iceland, you will stumble upon marvels after marvels from nature. Rich in landscapes and scenery, Iceland never ceases to amaze locals and tourists. Be its majestic mountain ranges or sparkling water bodies, Iceland has something for everyone. If you want to experience one such amazing place, you can plan a tour to Hákarlavogur hot spring. Hákarlavogur hot spring is one of the best hidden gems of Iceland. Here you can find one of the most beautiful and unique hot springs that not even locals know about. 

Hakarlavogur hidden hot spring in the westfjords of Iceland

Exploring Hákarlavogur Hot Spring

Also known as the Shark’s Bay, Hákarlavogur hot spring is a tiny and aesthetically pleasing pool. The hot spring has been a secret for many years and very few travelers and locals know about it. The hot spring is situated in a private property, hence you would require permits to explore the area. The procedure is easy, you would have to ask permission at the farm Gjöguri. The tricky way to get to this pool is what makes it even more interesting. For the explorers wanting to taste some adrenaline rush on their tour, Hákarlavogur is a good destination. It is hidden in between the rocks at the Atlantic shore. So you can absorb the tranquil beauty of the clear waters amidst the sheer natural aura.

Hákarlavogur is located next to Gjögur. The name of the hot spring, Hákarlavogur, means Shark’s Bay in English. Gjögur was a popular shark fishing place until 1930 with around 30 shark fishing ships.
The hot spring fits around 6-10 people. A small concrete wall keeps the hot water in the pool. The temperature of the water that comes into the hot spring can be very hot, or up to 65 °C. The colder water from the sea lowers the temperature of the hot spring. We always recommend that you check the temperature of the pool before dipping in. 

Around Hákarlavogur hot spring, you will find jaw-dropping places like an abandoned shipwreck in Djúpavík. The rusty look of the shipwreck attracts many visitors who like to get photographed around it. The place has a raw, smoky, and quiet feel to it. Djúpavíkurfoss waterfall is yet another intriguing place around Hákarlavogur. If you are seeking a location to hike, Djúpavíkurfoss will be perfect for you. You might also spot some beautiful bird species here. Do not forget to tag along with your camera as you will be capturing stunning pictures here. There are many amazing ancient structures around Hákarlavogur that are worth visiting once like the abandoned herring factory in Djúpavík. Looks rotten from the outside, the herring factory has an old-world charm that would mesmerize you, if you are a history enthusiast. If you would like to travel further after visiting Hákarlavogur, we recommend a visit to Krossneslaug swimming pool. 

Hakarlavogur hidden hot spring in the westfjords of Iceland

When to Visit Hákarlavogur Hot Spring

Summers are a great time to plan a trip to Hákarlavogur Hot Spring. You can hang around outside for longer durations as the sun stays up for a good duration. You will have to create a checklist that must include carrying numerous pairs of clothes and good hiking boots. The road to Hákarlavogur is a bumpy slow driven gravel road. We recommend a 4×4 vehicle when driving this road. Since you will be traveling to a very isolated place, we recommend that you pack something to eat and drink for the day. 

How to reach Hákarlavogur?

When reaching the hot spring, drive to Gjögur airport, past the house and to the end of the runway. The road will lead you down to a bay that is called Akurvík. In the cliffs of the bay you will find this unique and beautiful hot spring.

Map of Hákarlavogur hot spring

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