Lómagnúpur: A Photographer’s Heaven


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Places with scenic beauty like Iceland itself, are a huge source of tranquility and calm for the visitors. You can simply go and view one of the many beautiful landscapes of Iceland and sit there in silence gazing towards the never-ending, far-stretched land in front of you which includes beautiful green mountains, white snow-clad glaciers, monochromatic black beaches, or green-brown and black shaded highlands. The best part about these spots is that they not only clear your mind and let you see how beautiful mother nature in her real, untouched form but also serve as your muse for the photographer itching inside of you to take a million pictures so that this beautiful landscape never leaves your side – or at least the memory of it. 

Lómagnúpur, one of the few colossal rocks of Iceland is one such place worthy of your camera reel. The humongous 764-meter tall rock is every bit fascinating and happens to be standing at a place that features scenic views every time the weather changes slightly which is a frequent event in Iceland. Since Southern Iceland is filled with breath-taking wonders, most tourists tend to ignore this beautiful spot as they are in a hurry to reach places like the Diamond Beach or the Skaftafell National Park.  Lómagnúpur is so huge that on clear days it can be spotted from over 30 kilometres away from Skaftafell National Park and easily from the main road in South Iceland no matter what kind of weather you get.

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Lómagnúpur mountain in south Iceland

Daytime Expedition: The Grey Wonder

Sunset and Sunrise both bring out two different kinds of faces landscapes for you to witness at Lómagnúpur. If you plan to visit the place in the daytime then a slightly cloudy-grey day will do wonders to your frame. The Lómagnúpur rock is covered with low hanging white-grey clouds from the top, the base front is nothing but brown-grey plain land and the background of the beautiful black rock creates a beautiful contrast. Spend an hour or two at the place, find your perfect frame and you will go forward with spectacular pictures in storage.

The fact that Lómagnúpur rock is visible from miles increases the number of potential foregrounds for your photos. Not far away from this area is the black sand desert and a glacial river of the south which can be seen carving beautiful patterns on the black sand with its white foamy waters. Make this or the far starched gravel roads and the traffic on the main road towards the west your foreground for the magnificent shots.

Lómagnúpur mountain in south Iceland

Northern Lights at Lómagnúpur

If you think that the big rock is just good to look at then wait for the night to fall, you will be mesmerized with what comes next. Imagine a huge darkened foreground with dancing blue-green lights in the back while standing just a few miles away on the main road taking in the view. Choose a 14mm focal range camera for night time photography of Lómagnúpur rock. Spend some time under the aurora in this magical place.

Activities in the area

Lómagnúpur mountain in south Iceland

How to Get There

Lómagnúpur falls along the main road A1 in Southern Iceland and is fairly easy to spot. Although there is no designated parking spot you will be able to find a place off-road for your vehicle. Núpasaðakirkja turf church is located next to the mountain and it is perfect to park our car at Núpastaðir, explore the turf church and houses and get a great view of Lómagnúpur. 


If you are on a self-driving tour of Southern Iceland then the rock will surely be spotted on the way to your destination.

A Word of Caution

Lómagnúpur is the most photographed mountain in Iceland and it is also one of the most dangerous places to get too close to. There is a long history of unstable landslides on the mountain dating back to mid- 17th century and the year 1988 and is believed to be the home of large giants by the locals. So, don’t forget to be cautious while you are soaking in the beauty of the landscape.

Map of Lómagnúpur

Interesting locations in the area

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