Maríuhellar Lava Caves – Lava Tube Caves Near Reykjavík


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  • GPS: 64.07171, -21.89337
  • Hidden gem in the capital area around Reykjavik
  • Maríuhellar consists of three lava caves named VífilsstaðahellirUrriðakotshellir, and Draugahellir.

Iceland is a land of beauty with multiple waterfalls, hot springs, and lava caves. For travel enthusiasts and history explorers, Maríuhellar caves are a perfect place to visit. In the mid of green lush mountains, the Maríuhellar lava cave is not just another cave of the country. With a huge size and lava remains, this group of caves attracts many travelers around the world. Naturally made of lava tubes from the volcanoes, these caves are located near Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland. If you are exploring the area around Reykjavík, we recommend that you plan a trip to Maríuhellar lava caves, and visit a beautiful place that most travelers miss. Maríuhellar is a part of the Heiðmörk Nature Reserve and needs tracking through hills and cliffs to reach there.

Maríuhellar lava channel caves are located in Svínahraun, northeast of the intersection of Flóttavegur and Heiðmerkurvegur, precisely on the border of Urriðakot and Vífilsstaðir. The lava of the caves has come from Búrfell above Hafnarfjörður. These lava channel caves include majorly three caves named Vífilsstaðahellir, Urriðakotshellir, and Draugahellir. The Vífilsstaðahellir and Urriðakotshellir were formerly known as sheep caves. You can easily go to the Urriðakotshellir cave which is located close to the main road. It is a large open lava tube cave in a large grassy opening. There is a small gap inside where you can see through to the sky.

Reaching Maríuhellar Lava Caves

Located around 12 km south of Reykjavík, Maríuhellar Caves are easily accessible. If you are driving from Reykjavík, the capital city of Iceland, get your way to Reykjanesbraut road. Make a left turn towards Vifilsstaðavegur at the roundabouts. Take a right turn while continuing onto Elliðavatnsvegur. Add the coordinates of the caves to your GPS or your Google Maps and in around 3-4 minutes you will reach the group of magnificent lava caves, Maríuhellar Caves. Don’t forget to bring a pair of boots as the surface becomes slippery in the winters. Keep sufficient clothes according to the season as the weather becomes cold during the evening.

Maríuhellar lava caves on a map

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