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Múlagljúfur Canyon along with Hangandifoss and Múlafoss waterfalls are listed amidst the most scenic attractions of Iceland that are sure to leave you awestruck but lack of complete information and access has restricted people from visiting there. But this place is worth a visit.

  • GPS: 63.98958, -16.4588
  • Hidden location in south Iceland. 
  • Easy to Moderate 30-40 minute hike to the viewing place. 
  • Best to visit during summer. 
  • Free parking lot 
  • No signs will lead you to this destination. 

Iceland is a majestic travel destination that never fails to surprise anyone, be it solo travelers, explorers, adventure enthusiasts, hikers, divers, or climbers. You will get to witness nature’s beautiful creation that is sure to shut you stun in awe. It is a geologically and volcanically active place and has massive volcanic regions, staggering waterfalls, glacial lakes, crystal clear caves, grassy fields to ride the Icelandic horses, highlands, colorful mountains, snow-blanketed mountains, cascading waterfalls, the marine life of Iceland, and many more beautiful places and things; the list is infinite. Not just this, you can even witness Europe’s largest glaciers here! Isn’t it great? Iceland is a magical place and completely justifies the title it has been given “The Land of Fire and Ice”. Now, apart from various other places where you can visit when in Iceland, Múlagljúfur Canyon and the two main waterfalls in the canyon, is one stunning place that you can not afford to miss. This canyon has been hidden from travelers for years, but has recently began to make its way to travelers bucket lists. It’s hidden location makes it extra fun to explore, but it’s beauty is what will make you want to come back to this place again and again. Let’s find out more about this gorgeous place on the south coast of Iceland. 

Múlagljúfur canyon - south Iceland

Explore the Hidden Gem of Iceland

This stunning Múlagljúfur Canyon is located in the south of Iceland, with narrow paths, small and large-sized overgrown bushes, wild flora and fauna, gravel, loose rocks, and stones all over. The name Múlagljúfur translates to Mules Canyon. It is located nearby the Fjallsárlón and Jökulsárlón glacier lagoons. It is an ideal place to go on a hike with your friends and family. The summer season is the best and most favorable for hiking and spending hours exploring the nearby area and long terrains. While in the autumn and spring seasons due to the rainy weather it might be extremely slippery and muddy all around, not that favorable for hiking. The weather changes drastically in Iceland. And not to forget the winters, unless you have the proper equipment and sturdy boots for hiking on ice-covered terrains, it is recommended to not hike during winters.

The Nondescript Trail to The Canyon

The complete trail and the view of the canyon is simply breathtaking. You can spend hours just doing nothing but adorning the majestic views. You will get the best visual all around you. If the weather seems to be good, you will have a clear view of the Vatnajökull glacier, and also the Hangandifoss and Múlafoss waterfalls in the canyon. Hangandifoss is listed among one of the tallest waterfalls in Iceland. The impressive Múlagljúfur canyon with the massive plunging waterfall creates a visually appealing sight. When you plan to visit this place, don’t expect proper signboards, you won’t find any marked boards mentioning the starting point of Múlagljúfur. Thus, you will have to wade through the overgrown bushes, some small river streams, and different trails, along the rim of Múlagljúfur Canyon. The parking area is located at the bottom, the mouth of the canyon, so it eventually becomes easier to hike through the path. Hangandifoss and Múlafoss waterfall along with this massive Múlagljúfur Canyon are listed amidst the most scenic attractions of Iceland that are sure to leave you awestruck but lack of complete information and access has restricted people from visiting there. But this place is worth a visit.

Múlagljúfur canyon - south Iceland

Directions to Múlagljúfur Canyon

The lack of proper signage might create a fuss for someone who is going for the very first time. If you start driving from the capital city Reykjavík, then it will take you approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes to reach the canyon. Simply start driving on the Suðurgata to Hringbraut/Route 49 and continue straight on the Þjóðvegur (Road 1) that will take you to the region where the canyon is located.  There are no signage or small directional boards pointing towards the canyon or the waterfall. The road from Highway 1 to the parking lot of the canyon is hard to spot and may take time to find. Keep an eye on every turn and trail. It is recommended to travel in a 4×4 since the route is extremely rough and full of gravel and stones. Apart from this, do not forget to carry your stuff and other essential things when going on this adventure with friends and family.

Múlagljúfur canyon - south Iceland

Múlagljúfur Canyon on a map

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