Pollurinn Hot Spring


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  • Located in the Westfjords
  •  GPS: 65.64908, -23.89486
  • Temperature: around 40-45 °C
  • Parking lot
  • Easy access
  • Dressing rooms
  • Shower available
  • Free of charge

Serene coastal landscapes are situated in the Westfjords region in Iceland. They are locally known as just ‘West Fjords’ or Vestfirðir as we say it in Icelandic. A reservoir of thick lava has been carved by giant glaciers through the course of thousands of years, leading to the formation of various hot springs and more than twenty fjords, spread throughout the peninsula. One such hot spring is Pollurinn. On the northern side of the fjord Talknafjordur, where geothermal activity is conducted in the village of Talknafjordur. The village holds the same name as the fjord it is located in. The occupants in the village have used the geothermal hot water to heat their houses, to heat up the swimming pool in the village, and made a geothermal hot tub called Pollurinn. Geothermal water is primarily used in the fish farming industry in the fjord as well. 

pollurinn hot spring in Talknafjordur in westfjords of Iceland

Easy Accessibility

Engulfed with the mesmerizing sunset in the evening, Pollurinn can be reached easily. After you reach the village of Tálknafjörður, you simply have to continue along the fjord, which converges in a path after a few kilometers until there is a small sign indicating a track going up to the right. There is a parking lot above it with facilities such as shower and multiple changing rooms, provided free of charge.

Pollurinn consists of three concrete hot pools, some of them were only built in the recent years. The size of the pools is 2 x 2 meters and 1 meter at depth, 1,35 x 2 meters at size and 50 cm at depth and the third is 2 x 2,8 meters and 40 cm at depth. The temperature of the water is around 40 – 45°C.

Explore around Pollurinn

A string of vast, lush green fields and intriguing places surround Pollurinn hot springs. Hnjotur Folk Museum is one such place where one can explore multiple artifacts and specifically the aeronautical history of Iceland. Raudasandur Beach is another surprise that truly captures the heart. For nature lovers, Rauðasandur is a heaven as few patches of brush woods cover the sheltered parts of the area and the fauna is relatively rich in species. It offers an excellent view towards the unique, 14 km long and precipitous cliffs of Latrabjarg housing millions of birds. Talknafjordur, the village itself is a delight to explore as locals engage in various cultural activities. The trout and char river Botnsa discharges into the bay nearby. A stopover at Pollurinn basins can be exquisite if you decide to spend the night by the shore of the springs under a star-laden, clear sky.

Activities for tourists in Pollurinn

Almost forty years old, Golf Club Patreksfjordur, near Pollurinn, is a perfect fit for any sports enthusiast. The clubhouse is located where all the courses can be watched. Golf Course Litlueyrarvollur, also called the Golf Club Bildadur is situated around one of Iceland’s oldest houses in Bildudalur. In Bildudalur, the country’s first steamship equipped for fishing is also placed, which was brought there at the end of the 19th century. By increasing the aura of the place, it becomes an ideal attraction for those who are interested in Iceland’s history. You can also find a camping ground in Táklnafjörður and the in the nearby villages, as well as some great hiking paths. Sky reaching mountains and spectacular valleys combined with seashore massively add to the beauty of the area. You can find a swimming pool in the village but there are also some other beautiful pools and hot springs in the nearby area, such as Reykjarfjarðarlaug pool. The pools are all brimming with clear blue waters and heated by natural water that runs through the pool all year round.

Where to stay near Pollurinn Springs

There are few hotels and guesthouses in the Westfjords, but you can find a lot of great campsites in the area, due to its vast spread lands and fields. Pollurinn has camping at various places, so that tourists and explorers can take their time to uncover this beautiful part of Iceland. Nearby camping grounds include the one in Tálknafjörður village, the campsite at Rauðasandur beach (the only place to stay at when visiting Rauðasandur), another significant camping site is Bildudalur, overlooking at the seashore making it a spot for those who crave some peace and calm. The camping site in the nearby village of Patreksfjordur is situated next to a community center, making it convenient for the guests to use the facilities at the center.

Pollurinn hot spring on a map

Interesting locations in the area

Hotels & Restaurants

More Locations in the Westfjords

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