Sturlungalaug Hot Springs | The Hidden Gem of Iceland: Best Hidden Hot Spring in Iceland


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  • GPS: 64.86961, -22.28377
  • Hidden Gem – Hard to find
  • No sign lead you to the hot spring.
  • Bumpy gravel road. 
  • Temperature around 40°C. 
  • Fits 8-10 people.
  • Size 3 x 7 meters. 
  • Mud in the bottom of the pool – not clear water. 

Iceland, an all-year-round traveling destination that is sure to shut you stun with mesmerizing views and nature’s creations. There is no doubt why Iceland has been titled as a Land of Fire and Ice; from the snow-blanketed landscapes, crystal ice caves, extremely high and majestic waterfalls, cascading streams, glaciers, the blue lagoon to massive lava fields, volcanically active areas, hot springs, and geysers. There are infinite places to visit and adorn the beauty of Iceland. Solo travelers, globetrotters, or even environmentalists, Iceland is a complete package to explore and discover something that they have never imagined or even witnessed. There is no way you are going to leave Iceland without tons of experience and memories. For adventure freaks, hikers, wildlife lovers, marine lovers, or even for those who love to dig out historical aspects, Iceland has something for everyone.

Though for many people, the first thing that they could think of when visiting Iceland is witnessing majestic waterfalls. But there is much more than just experience the waterfalls, mountains, or beaches. If you are someone who loves traveling off the beaten path, then visiting Sturlungalaug Hot Spring is definitely for you! You can’t miss this one. Let’s explore more about this place.

Off the Beaten Path Journey to Sturlungalaug Hot Springs

A unique natural hot spring amidst the wet and grassy field surrounded by the massive lava field, yes Sturlungalaug hot spring is a considerably large pool with a backdrop of the magnificent mountains. Not many people are aware of this pool, and thus, you won’t find it crowded like many o the other hot springs in Iceland. This pool has an actual capacity of at least 9-10 people at one go; perfect for someone visiting with their family and friends. The hot spring is located in the middle of nowhere and makes a perfect destination for someone who would like to spend alone time in the lap of nature.

This geothermal hot spring is located in the west of Iceland while going on your way to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. The pool is exactly in the middle of a massive grassy field, and, two pools are side by side; the larger one and the smaller one. And you might see mud and turf all around and in the pool, which is obvious if it is located in a grassy field. There is mud at the bottom of this pool too. It might not be that all clean and neat like those that are well explored and visited by people. But it is worth a visit. You have the pool all by yourself! It is indeed a hidden gem of Iceland and visiting there would definitely give you an ultimate experience of the raw and off-beat adventure. You can drive all on your own to this hot spring. Remember to carry all your necessary things, as you won’t find any stores in the neighborhood. It is recommended to carry your stuff, snacks and not to forget your swimsuit and towels and even extra clothes to put on after relaxing in the hot spring. 

Directions to Sturlungalaug Hot Springs

There are no charges to visit this hot spring, but finding it could be a little tricky. You might not be able to find it on the map, but with complete planning and information, you can reach here easily. It is located on route 55. Drive along the Snæfellsnesvegi 54 and then follow, road 55 along Heydalur. When you reach Rauðhhálsar (on your left), then you need to take a turn and follow the road, north of the Eldgígur Crater. From here, it will take you around 6.3 kilometers to reach the Sturlungalaug Hot Springs. This stretch is a gravel road, but accessible to all vehicles. You will reach Syðri – Rauðamelur farm, look for the sign – Syðri-rauðimelur. After crossing this stretch, you will reach the small parking lot, and you will see a gate there. Turn to syðri Rauðamelskúla crater. The pool is located southeast of the crater. You can spot the hot springs behind the small hill. Park your car nearby and hop on to the poolside and enjoy yourself with your family.
A couple of hundred meters from the pool you can find a borehole and a small cabin that you can use to change your clothes. You can also just change your clothes in the car and jump into the pool. 

Visiting this pool is a very unique experience. It can be tricky to find it but it will all be worth it. 

Sturlungalaug hot spring on a map

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