Þakgil & Remundargil Canyons


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Þakgil & Remundargil Canyons are the two hidden gems in the southern region of Iceland. Located in lush green steep valleys, these canyons will leave you mesmerized by its beauty. The Þakgil is located near to Katla glacier and volcano that provides a view of nature’s true beauty. You can collectively capture the scene with the volcano, glacier, and lush green cliffs in your camera. The beauty of these two canyons attracts many travelers throughout the year. Not only for photography, but Þakgil valley is also famous for many other activities so you can plan the visit accordingly. The freshwater stream at the camping site adds calmness to this place. High cliffs and the calm weather will give you the sensation of being calm and adventurous together. If you want to experience something stunning then Þakgil and Remundargil canyons are perfect places.

waterfall in Þakgil and Remundargil canyons in south Iceland

Hiking and Camping At The Site

Leave the busy life of the city and get off the beaten path to get the feeling of freshness and calmness. Surrounded by mountains, these sites are favorite places for adventurers and travel enthusiasts. You will find one of the most unique Icelandic campsites in Þakgil. Stay for a day or two to make your trip adventurous and memorable. Due to the mountain cliffs around the valley, the weather here remains mild and calm. You can go hiking on your own, just be careful about the routes. Look for the easier and less steep route to hike. Just in the middle of these canyons, you will witness the small beautiful houses or camps that will provide you with all the basic amenities to make the trip smooth.

The natural cave at the Þakgil is used as a dining hall that will give you the feeling of old age. Known as highland hiker’s paradise, Þakgil camps provide you access to toilets and hot showers. You can plan to cover Mýrdalsjökull Glacier if visiting for a few days. The hiking trails of these places offer a great panoramic view to get astonished. At Þakgil, you get many hiking options and the two of them are Ravine Walk and Remundargil Ravine Loop. The easy Ravine walk starts from the campground that leads to a narrow path taking you to the end at a natural pool made by a small waterfall. The Remundargil Loop is 12.5 km long that will give you real experience of hiking. At the top of the cliff during the Remundargil ravine loop, you are going to get a glimpse of the mighty glacier and giant ocean in the south.

Hiking in Þakgil and Remundargil canyons in south Iceland

Way to Get There

Placed very close to the south coast of Iceland, the Þakgil and Remundargil can be accessed easily if you are traveling by car. These canyons are located at a distance of around 208 kilometers from the city of Reykjavik.  If you are starting from Reykjavik, then drive for around 180 km on Ring Road Route 1 towards the southern village, Vik, located at the base of a black basalt beach. At a distance of 5 km to the east of Vik, take a left turn to get onto Road 214. Move for more 15 km on this gravel road that is accessible to only four-wheeler vehicles. After a complete drive of about 3 hours from Reykjavik, you will witness the beautiful valley surrounded by lush green cliffs.

On your way to Þakgil, a lot of caves and stone formations that will get your attention. You can make halts at Stórhellir cave, view site of Múlakvísl River, south coast. To make your trip smooth and easy, bring proper clothes according to the weather. Carry hiking boots, sufficient food, and liquid as the hiking path of a Remundargil loop can make you feel tiring.

Map of Þakgil

Interesting locations in the area

Hotels & Restaurants
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