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Secret Lagoon is a place treasured by the Icelandic population. Secret Lagoon is filled by naturally occurring hot springs located at Hverahólmi. The lagoon is an exquisite terrain surrounded by lush green lands and majestic mountains. Tourists find it easily accessible, considering it is located within the range of the Golden Circle route. Friðheimar horse and organic tomato farm is also in close vicinity of the Secret Lagoon. You can immerse yourself in the scenery and nature offered by this part of Iceland. You will soon realize that Secret Lagoon has earned its reputation based on stunning natural beauty.

Secret Lagoon hot spring in Iceland

See and Explore around Secret Lagoon

Situated near the village of Flúðir in southern Iceland, Secret Lagoon is the oldest pool in the country.  It was built in the late nineteenth century. Secret lagoon is liked by people for its breathtaking views. The local population likes to call it ‘the old pool’ or ‘Gamla Laugin‘. It is often compared to the Blue Lagoon and those who like quietude make their stop here. The ticket is also priced much lower here as compared to the Blue Lagoon.

Along with a nice eating area, there are lockers available for tourists to rent near changing rooms. You do not have to worry about anything as there are separate locker rooms for men and women. The thermal pool is maintained at a temperature of 38/40 °C, throughout the year. You can take a dip anytime you visit without fearing the cold water. The water comes only to the waist or chest, so you can just take a refreshing dip without the stress of drowning.  A small geyser is near the pool which erupts around every five minutes. It adds to the wonder element of the secret lagoon. For a finishing touch, there is a tiny two-doored shack standing right above the northern brim of Secret Lagoon. There are graceful pathways constructed by the owners of the pool to guide tourists around the hot springs. It is always advised to be careful wherever you feel the water is boiling.

Booking a ticket in advance always leaves more time for you to enjoy. Although, you can always buy a ticket on the spot. The entry fee is 2,800 ISK for adults if you drive there on your own. Children below 14, accompanied by adults, are admitted for free. You can rent a towel and a swimsuit at an extra cost of 500 ISK.

Secret Lagoon hot spring in Iceland

How to Get to Secret Lagoon

The Secret Lagoon is located in the most popular driving route in Iceland, the Golden Circle. Which makes it a perfect add on to the three major stops in the circle, Þingvellir National Park, Geysir geothermal area and Gullfoss waterfall. You can find guided tours with transfer that take you to the Golden Circle and the Secret Lagoon. You can also find buses that will take you from Reykjavik to the Secret Lagoon, and if you are up for a winter adventure, you can add a northern lights search to your trip. from both the airports. Alternatively, you can rent a car if you want a personalized tour. Various natural and age-old thermal pools can be found in the vicinity. This is due to the heavy geothermal activity in the area. For those who are interested in agriculture and horticulture of Iceland, a mini trip can be taken to the village of Flúðir.

Secret Lagoon- A Bonhomie of Fun

Any time of the year is suitable to visit Secret Lagoon. With a static temperature, Secret Lagoon is safe for a dip during all seasons. Whether you go in summer or winter, the lagoon will refresh you with its charming locales and multiple facilities. In winter evenings, northern lights may show up covering the sky with vibrant colors. Although there is never a certainty if you are lucky you may witness Aurora Borealis.

For a wholesome trip, you can take a detour to the Golden Circle. Popular among the tourists and explorers for hot-springs and mud pits, Golden Circle has many small surprises for you to look at. This area contributes massively to the beauty of Iceland through magnificent landscapes, fascinating geological forces, and rich culture. Within 300 kilometers of the Golden Circle, three major tourist places- the Geysir Geothermal Area, Gullfoss Waterfall, and Þingvellir National Park can be explored. A magnificent hot-spring haven in Haukadalur Valley, The Geysir Geothermal Area will immediately pull you towards its serene beauty.

Secret Lagoon hot spring in Iceland

Map of the Secret Lagoon

Interesting locations in the area

More Locations in the Golden Circle

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