Puffin & Bird Watching from Reykjavik

Puffin & Bird Watching from Reykjavik

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Satisfy Your Admiration for Birds on This Puffin Watching Tour

Discover the wildlife of Iceland and get closer to nature. Head towards Reykjavík and join this enticing Puffin Watching tour to catch the little cute birds with their ever-interesting beaks wobbling around their nests. Spend some time relaxing amidst the beautiful landscapes of Iceland and unwind in the lap of mother nature. This Reykjavík Puffin Watching Tour is custom-designed for every bird lover and nature enthusiast out there who can’t wait to get some juicy shots of the playful friendly Atlantic Puffins. So, pack your day pack, put on some warm layers and get ready to set sails on this tour to the home of Puffins.

Finding Puffins in Reykjavík:

Puffins are small beautiful little birds with brightly colored bills, emotive watery eyes, and a clumsy, wobbling walk. You would be surprised to know that Iceland is the home to more than 60% of the world’s Atlantic Puffin population. The reason being a Puffin only nests in the same place where it was born. Not only that, they need to be surrounded by their flock when nesting. Puffins are believed to nest in lifelong pairs and foster their chicks in couples only. The social bond is evident amidst the puffins. So, family being a huge deal to puffins, Iceland gets a huge flock of these cute little creatures every year which increases in number with every breeding season.

This makes Iceland one of the perfect places in the world for puffin-watching expeditions. However, you won’t be able to catch puffins all year around. So, it is recommended to visit during the peak nesting season that lasts from June to September. At that time, these brightly colored seabirds dominated the sky, sea cliffs and land. Puffins rest on the ocean’s surface and move towards the land to breed, lay eggs, incubate them and raise their chicks, till the time they fledge (time duration in which the wing feathers are developed and are perfect for flight).

The tour will begin at Reykjavík. You will take a boat to get close enough to the nesting grounds of the puffins which will take only a few minutes. Puffins have breeding grounds that are located on two of the small islands located in a short distance from Reykjavik. The islands are not inhabited by humans and are known as the puffin islands. 

Respect Nature and Be A Responsible Bird Watcher:

When heading on the Reykjavík puffin watching tour, you need to contribute a bit by being responsible when watching the puffins. Despite being in great numbers, puffins are sensitive creatures and get disturbed by the slightest of interference. Always approach slowly and very quietly, do not get too close, and do not try to feed them. Please make sure that you do not touch the puffin or catch them by any means.


  English Speaking Professional Guides

  Heated indoor cabins with toilet facilities

  Warm raincoats

  Boat Tour from Reykjavik

  Use of binoculars


 Whale Watching

 Boat Tour

 Cultural Activity


 Reykjavik Harbor

 Viðey Island

 Faxaflói Bay

 Akurey Island

 Lundey Island

 Engey Island

What to bring

 Good shoes

 Headwear & Glvoes

Warm clothes

 Camera (optional)

Zoom lens for close up photos  (optional)

 Tripod (optional)

Good to know

  • The deck on the boat can be slippery. We recommend wearing good sturdy footwear. For optimal viewing and a more enjoyable cruise this tour is weather dependent.
  • We will visit Engey, Akurey or Lundey Islands on the tour. The puffins are known to breed on these islands during summer.
  • The islands are protected so we are not able to set foot on them, however the captain will sail as close as possible, without disturbing any natural behavior. Binoculars are available on board for those who want to use them.
  • All puffin tours are subject to weather conditions and sightings cannot be guaranteed. We reserve the right to cancel the tour due to bad weather conditions.
  • If there are no sightings on the tour use tour ticket to join us on the next available day.
  • It is possible to book a pick up for the tour for extra price. Book the pick up when booking the tour.

  • Pick up starts 45 minutes before the tour.
  • You should be at the departure point at least 15 minutes before scheduled departure.

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Most frequent questions and answers

The meeting point for the tour is at Reykjavik Harbor


You should schedule to be at our departure point at least 15 minutes before scheduled departure.

It is possible to book a pick up from hotels in Reykjavik when booking the tour. 

If you forgot to book a pick up, you can send us an email to info@wiiceland.com

Adults: 2.200 ISK

Check the booking engine to see if your accommodation is available for pick up. If not, find the closest designated pick up location using the map below:

If the tour gets cancelled due to weather you can choose between rescheduling the tour for another departure or receiving a full refund. 

Free cancellation up to 1 day before the tour. If you cancel within 1 day notice, a 100% fee will be charged. 

However, we always ask you to cancel the tour as soon as possible so we can adjust the schedule for the day depending on how many people will be joining the tour. 

Yes, we have a 100% sightings of puffins on the tour. 

Yes, and you definitely should! We recommend that you bring a tripod and zoom lens for close up photos of the puffins.


This is, of course, a personal choice, we have often had pregnant women on our trips. This tour is listed as easy so if you do not feel uncomfortable on a boat, this tour should be ideal for you. 

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