Tröllafoss Waterfall: Trolls’ Falls, A Hidden Gem in Mosfellsdalur Valley


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Iceland has always been a fascinating place that attracts the globetrotters and adventure seekers across the world. The fact that Iceland is a place that has a rich history and spellbinding natural beauty makes it an exciting place to explore. It is often known as a place with Fire and Ice! Why? Well, the staggering waterfalls, lagoons, floating pools, human-sized icebergs on the beach, brutally cold winds are complemented by the steaming hot springs, intense lava fields, geysers, and snow-capped volcanoes. And this all in one place – Iceland. Though you are sure to feel a sense of satisfaction in the Icelandic tranquil environment, it makes you familiar with the power of nature too. The first thing that strikes our mind when we hear Iceland is a waterfall! Yes, numerous waterfalls will leave you in awe. And one of the most beautiful hidden waterfalls is the Tröllafoss. Though this waterfall is forgotten but holds some of the most beautiful sights of Iceland. So, let’s dive in further to know more about this destination.

Tröllafoss – Near the Capital Reykjavik

Though there are many waterfalls in Iceland, many are extremely famous while some are completely forgotten. Tröllafoss waterfall is one such hidden gem of Iceland that has been forgotten and mostly visited by the natives only. But this beauty holds its own charm and the surrounding area makes it a must-visit place. Since in Iceland, every mountain, fracture, crevasse, stream has a name that has a meaning or a story behind, so does Tröllafoss. This name when translated to English – means the ‘Troll waterfalls’ and the reason behind this is owing to the clear rock formation shows a troll face on the cliffs while the river is flowing over them. Though this depends on how you see it and we leave it upon you if you believe it or not! And with this belief, the waterfall was named Tröllafoss.

Tröllafoss is located in Mosfellsdalur Valley in South West Iceland. The landscape is beautiful to explore and you will surely notice the man-made head of a troll in the rocks if closely noticed. The waterfall’s magical surroundings of the troll landscape are sure to mesmerize you. If you get lucky.

Directions to The Waterfall

Starting your journey from Reykjavík, drive along the path that will take you to route 49, Vesturlandsvegur/Road 1 and Þingvallavegur. Now from there, drive to Tröllafoss slóði that will directly take you to the Tröllafoss waterfall.

The waterfall is located close to Skeggjastaðir farm, so keep a check and mark your directions. Just before you reach the farm, turn right and continue on Tröllafoss slóði. It will take a few minutes and you will notice the sign towards Tröllafoss waterfalls. From here, after a few minutes, you will reach the junction or the parking area – as mentioned there, where you can leave your car and hike the rest of the route till you reach the waterfall. Do make out few minutes to enjoy the natural beauty and landscape surrounding the waterfall. You will arrive near the steep hill down to the river, but be careful since rocks are loose and often falls in this area.

Map of Tröllafoss waterfall

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