FAQ - Iceland in General

Most frequent questions and answers

Almost all travelers get to Iceland by flight. Keflavik International Airport is located around 40 minutes drive from Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland. 


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You do not need much cash when traveling to Iceland. Credit cards are accepted by everyone in Iceland. Visa and MasterCard should be your best bet, since all banks in Iceland service them. 


Some people find it more comforting to have a small amount of cash when traveling to Iceland. The Icelandic currency is ISK, or Icelandic Krona. 

Iceland is bigger than most people think, since it is often told to be a small island in the middle of nowhere. The area of Iceland is 40.000 square miles. The Ring Road, the road that goes all around the country, is approximately 830 miles. 

The population of Iceland is around 360,000  people. Most of the people in Iceland live in Reykjavik or the capital region. 

Service fee is usually included in your bill in Iceland so you do not have to tip. The locals usually never tip because it has never been a tradition in Iceland, but many travelers like to do it. 

ISK or Icelandic Króna. 

U.S. citizens can stay in Iceland as tourists for up to 90 days without a visa. For a full list of countries that are exempt from a visa, visit Iceland’s immigration page. Just make sure your passport is valid for six months beyond your travel dates.

It 100% depends on what you are looking for in Iceland. The activities and sightings are completely different in summer and winter. 

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Most travelers spend between 5-10 days in Iceland.

If you are spending fewer days  we recommend that you stay in Reykjavik and go on day trips form there. 

If you are staying for a longer time, we recommend that you go on a trip around the country. You can choose between renting a car and self driving around the country or joining a multi day tour

Icelandic is the language that is spoken in Iceland, but almost everyone in Iceland speaks great English as well. 

You will find all kind of food in Iceland. Iceland, and especially Reykjavik, is known for top quality restaurants. You should be able to find everything in Reykjavik. 

Most restaurants include vegan or vegetarian options as well. 

Most restaurants in Iceland, especially in Reykjavik, include vegan or vegetarian options as well. 

Veganism has grown hugely in the recent years in Iceland. 

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No, not at all. The locals usually only eat the “traditional food” of Iceland, once a year. 

It will be harder to find the traditional food than the regular food when in Iceland. 

It depends on when you are visiting. The shortest day in Iceland is on December 21st. On this day the city gets around 4 hours of daylight. After that day, the days start to become longer. 

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We recommend that you book everything for your trip to Iceland as soon as possible. Accommodation, for example, usually books up during the peak season in Iceland. It can be impossible to find hotels on the south coast of Iceland during June / July if you haven’t booked it well in advance. 

The prices of everything usually goes up if you wait to book them, so the earlier the better. 

Yes, you can rent a wifi device or buy an Icelandic Sim card. The Icelandic sim card will give you access to the 4G all over Iceland. You can get both at the duty free in Keflavik Airport. 

Iceland is perfect for solo travelers. Iceland is one of the safest place in the world. 

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One word; unpredictable. 

It can be snowing, raining, sunny, and windy on the same day. 

The summer are mild and the winters are cold.

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