Glacier Tours in Iceland

Get up close and personal with the glaciers in Iceland. Book a Glacier Tour in Iceland and join a local glacier guide up on the glacier. All tours are operated by professional and certified glacier guides. You can find all kind of glacier tours in Iceland. When exploring the selection of glacier tours here below you will find ice cave tours, glacier hiking tours, ice climbing tours and more.

Some of the tours are self drive / meet on location tours. That means that you will have to drive from your accommodation to meet the guide close to a glacier. The guide will take you on the glacier tour from there. Those tours are perfect for traveler that have rented a car and are driving around the country to explore, but want to add some glacier adventure to their trip. It is great to use the map below to find a glacier tour that is located in the area where you will be traveling. 

Other tours have a pick up in Reykjavik. Those tours are ideal for travelers that have Reykjavik as their base and go on day trips from there. These tours often include some other stops to the most popular attractions that will be on your way. 

You can also find multi day tours in the selection here below. The multi day tours are perfect for travelers that do not want to rent a car but still want to stay out in the countryside as much as possible and make the most of their time exploring the nature of Iceland. 

Use the filters on the left side of the screen to find a tour that will fit to your trip perfectly. The map will also help you find glacier tours in the area where you will be traveling.  

Glacier Tours in Iceland

Experience the Glaciers of Iceland with one of our glacier tours. Find Glacier Tours in Iceland that will fit perfectly to your trip by using the map and filters at the bottom of the page.



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