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Are you planning a trip to Iceland and feeling overwhelmed with all the options? Look no further! Our Customized Iceland Itinerary service is here to help.

Our team of experts will work with you to create a personalized itinerary tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Whether you’re a nature lover looking for the best hiking trails, a history buff interested in Iceland’s rich culture, or simply someone who wants to make the most of your time in this beautiful country, we’ve got you covered.

With our Customized Iceland Itinerary, you’ll have a detailed plan to follow, including recommended accommodations, transportation options and activities, saving you time and hassle.

Book your Customized Iceland Itinerary now, and let us take care of all the planning, so you can focus on enjoying your adventure! 


Why Purchase a Customized Iceland Itinerary?

  • Tailored to Your Interests: Enjoy a personalized itinerary crafted specifically to match your interests and preferences, ensuring you make the most of your time in Iceland.
  • Expert Local Knowledge: Benefit from our travel experts’ in-depth knowledge of Iceland, with recommendations for the best places to visit based on your unique interests.
  • Maximize Your Time: A customized itinerary allows you to efficiently plan your trip, ensuring you see and do everything on your wish list.
  • Stress-Free Planning: Let us handle all the details for a hassle-free experience. Simply book your itinerary and relax while we take care of the planning.
  • Unforgettable Experience: Create lasting memories with a personalized itinerary designed to give you an extraordinary and unforgettable experience in Iceland.

Invest in a customized itinerary to ensure your trip to Iceland is everything you dream it to be. Book now to start planning your perfect Iceland adventure!

How Does it Work?

  1. Purchase the Service: Start by purchasing the Customized Iceland Itinerary service on our website.
  2. Complete the Questionnaire: After your purchase, you’ll receive a set of questions to help us understand your preferences and interests. Take your time to provide detailed answers.
  3. Share Your Interests: Let us know all the details of your trip, including any specific locations and activities you’re interested in. If you’re unsure or haven’t booked anything yet, don’t worry – we’re here to help.
  4. Expert Recommendations: Based on your responses, we’ll suggest additional must-see Icelandic locations, including some local hidden gems.
  5. Review and Feedback: Our Local Iceland Travel Agent will review your answers. If everything is clear, we’ll begin crafting your travel plan. If we need more information, we’ll reach out to you promptly.
  6. Itinerary Creation: Our team will create a detailed daily itinerary tailored to your trip, considering factors like sunrise and sunset times, driving distances, and exploration durations.
  7. Receive Your Itinerary: You’ll receive a comprehensive Customized Iceland Itinerary, including daily plans, maps for each day, and an overview map of your entire trip.

What is included?

  • Customized itinerary for each day
  • Map with daily directions
  • Map with over 1000 locations (attractions, gas stations, restaurants, restrooms, etc.)
  • Packing list tailored to your trip
  • Local tips for a memorable and affordable experience
  • Phone/Video call to review your itinerary
  • App to easily view your itinerary on the go
  • Restaurant recommendations for all meals
  • Activity and tour recommendations
  • Accommodation recommendations
  • Comprehensive booking service with all bookings and tickets in one place
    • You will have all booking numbers and tickets attached to your itinerary so you will have the itinerary and your booking information in the same place


Our service provides a detailed, personalized itinerary tailored to your preferences, ensuring a seamless and memorable trip to Iceland. We handle all bookings, provide local tips, and offer comprehensive maps and recommendations.

Yes, we include information on hidden gems and lesser-known spots.


You will receive your customized itinerary within 2 weeks. If you need it sooner, please let us know.


Creating a customized itinerary involves meticulous planning and coordination to ensure every detail aligns with your preferences, from activities to accommodations and dining options.


Yes, our service is flexible and can be tailored for any travel style, including day tours from Reykjavik.

No, you can view the itinerary on the web and will also receive a printable PDF file.

You will need to provide your travel dates, preferences, interests, and any specific requests or requirements you have.

Yes, we offer revisions to ensure the itinerary meets your expectations.


We can assist with modifications and rebookings if needed, though additional fees may apply depending on the extent of the changes.

Yes, we tailor the itinerary to suit the specific season you are visiting, ensuring you experience the best of Iceland at that time.

We only have locals creating the itineraries and we will tailor make them to fit the daylight hours for each season. 

The cancellation policy will vary based on the specific accommodations and activities booked. We will provide you with the relevant details for each booking.


If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to send us an email to 

19 reviews for Custom Iceland Itinerary

  1. Indi Smalls (verified owner)

    We had the most amazing trip to Iceland this winter and we can thank this road trip plan for that. I could never have planned our trip like the local experts at When in Iceland. At first I was going to plan everything by myself. I had booked some hotels on what I thought were the perfect locations. After I contacted When in Iceland, they changed my hotels so that I could see and do so much more on my trip. I will forever be thankful for that because obviously I had no idea what I was doing.
    Fortunately I could cancel all my hotels and book new ones. I would recommend that you buy this road trip plan before booking your accommodation, although they told me that it would be no problem to plan our trip with the hotels that I had already booked.
    Overall, I would recommend this plan to anyone traveling to Iceland.

  2. Nina Johnson (verified owner)

    I ordered the road trip plan for my visit to Iceland last summer and was pleasantly surprised with the great work. After visiting Iceland in the summer time I had to be back in the winter, and therefor I ordered another road trip plan for my winter trip this winter. When in Iceland managed to make amazing planning and approve my expectations as they did last time.

  3. Anna Johnson (verified owner)

    Great planning! We wanted to do a couple of guided tours and rented the car they recommended. We ended up saving more than 99 USD on the discount we got with the road trip plan, so basically the road trip plan was free.

  4. Lindsey (verified owner)

    When in Iceland did a great job planning our week long trip. We gave them the cities we wanted to see with a side note that we wanted to avoid large crowds. They did a fantastic job with maps, highlighting things to see along the route and even set up a Glacier Hike for us that we loved. We were able to find cheaper hotel/car rental than what they suggested but everyone else was great.

  5. Crissy Anderson (verified owner)

    When in Iceland made our dream trip come true! Worth the money all the way.

  6. Lauren Willis (verified owner)

    I just wanted to thank Anna for the amazing and detailed road trip plan that she and her team made for us. Made our trip to Iceland absolutely amazing.

  7. Sarah Gómez (verified owner)

    If you have any doubt about purchasing this service – go ahead and do it. This made our trip so much easier and we were able to explore so so so many things on our way around Iceland. Could not recommend more.

  8. Alan (verified owner)

    This service saved our last minute trip to Iceland. We had no idea where to start planning and When in Iceland helped us with everything from places to explore, car rental and accommodation. Will use this service again next time when I come to Iceland.

  9. Aurora (verified owner)

    This service saved our last minute trip to Iceland. We had no idea where to start planning and When in Iceland helped us with everything from places to explore, car rental and accommodation. Will use this service again next time when I come to Iceland.

  10. William Lopez (verified owner)

    Best trip ever!

  11. Carolina (verified owner)

    We had such a great experience in Iceland and When in Iceland helped us plan our 10 day trip. We did the ring road and loved it. When in Iceland recommended that we spent 1 day in Reykjavik for our last day and that was a great idea because we had one day with bad weather and got a little bit delayed in our road trip.

  12. Patric (verified owner)

    Best money ever spent! When in Iceland planned this perfect road trip itinerary for me and my family. We definitely made the most out of our trip to Iceland, seeing some amazing spots that we didn’t even know about.

  13. Jolanda (verified owner)

    We have booked a road trip via you as well as various excursions.
    It has been an absolute fantastic trip.
    We have arrived and following your advise we broke the luxury cruise immediately on arrival. WE HAVE BEEN SUPER LUCKY. We saw that Northerns Lights (activity 5) and apparently they haven´t seen it like that for months so that was a truly unforgettable experience. The caption and crew from the boat were super friendly and we were happy we were not with 100 Chinese people on a big boat.

    We followed our trip and have booked the super jeep and went into the the glacier. Amazing guide also again very friendly helpful and not a huge group. We were 6 and the guide was fantastic!

    We have also booked the snow scooter into the glacier.
    I had to change a bit the itinerary due to the weather and they had no problem what so ever change it. AGAIN, an amazing experience in a small group.

    So this way I would like to thank you for all your good advise and the road trip plan itself. I have already recommended you to friends.

    Wheniniceland is a very reliable and good company which make you feel at ease. Booking a trip to Iceland is not so easy as we had no clue where to start. yes I have made some changes to the initial plan but having the initial plan from you made that easy. And I only did it because of the weather.
    Als the fact that you listened carefully to my wishes (Stop in Budir the 3/2) was very nice and helpful so from me and my family A BIG THANKS to you for making our holiday in Iceland so special!!!

  14. Alicia (verified owner)

    I’m usually the type of person that likes to plan my trips on my own but I found it very difficult when planning a trip to Iceland with my family. There are so many places that you can find on the internet and I had no idea what were the must sees and what should be missed, because we didn’t have endless time to explore everything.

    I don’t know the hours I spent researching and reading about all the places when I finally found this service from When in Iceland. This road trip itinerary made everything so much easier. It´s a great idea to have locals plan your trip and When in Iceland made our trip extraordinary and much less stressful.

  15. Dory

    Iceland Travel Guide helped me create an itinerary for my best trip to Iceland. I had been to Iceland two times before, but this trip was the best. Couldn’t have planned it without help from my travel agent.

  16. Lisa Simms

    What a fantastic service’ I paid for the customised itinerary and was immediately emailed a detailed list of questions about who we were, what we were interested in doing and what we were hoping to get out of the trip to Iceland. We are going for 10 days and travelling the entire ring road and Snaefellnes Penimsula so there was a huge amount to cover. The customised itinerary took 2 weeks to prepare but it was well worth the wait. A very detailed breakdown of each day with information and photos on each suggested stop including links to recommended activities. Just brilliant and well worth every penny spent and more. Highly recommend!

  17. Keeley Fowler

    Just planned my dream trip to Iceland with the Customized Iceland Itinerary from Iceland Travel Guide! From the stunning glaciers to the magical Northern Lights, they helped me create the perfect itinerary tailored to my interests and preferences. I can’t wait to explore everything this beautiful country has to offer.

  18. Viviana Goldenberg

    I can’t thank you enough for your customized itinerary ! We had a wonderful time and we were able to see all the recommended places . The weather was great Well, as great as you can get on Icelandic summer ???? , some rain here are there a little sample of Icelandic wind while hiking the volcano but , several days my kids were in T shirts ! Oh!! Yes , not in the itinerary but I could resist the temptation of becoming a Viking for one hour and the Mink Studio in Reykjavik is wonderful ( see pic)

  19. Julian

    The BEST!
    I was very overwhelmed with planning my trip to Iceland when I found this service!
    I was so impressed with the itinerary and all the extras I got with this itinerary package! Will recommend this to anyone traveling to Iceland!

    Thank you for making my trip so great!

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