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How to hike Hornstrandir on your own?

Hornstrandir Nature Reserve is a remote wilderness attracting hikers and adventurers around the globe. If you're planning for multi-day hiking in this beautiful landscape, here is everything you should know about Hornstrandir Hiking Trails.

Hiking in Kerlingarfjöll – Hiking Routes & Guides

Your Guide to Hiking in Kerlingarfjöll in the remote Highlands of Iceland. Geothermal areas, hot springs, colorful mountain and more.

Hiking in Landmannalaugar | Hiking Routes

Hiking in Landamannalaugar is one of the best activities you can find in Iceland. Find the best hiking routes, and travel guides for hiking.

Seal Watching in Iceland – An Ultimate Guide

Seal watching in Iceland is one of the most exciting activities since seals are a species that is rare to find in most parts of the world.

The Silver Circle of West Iceland

The Silver Circle takes you through waterfalls, hot springs, glaciers, a lava cave, and historic sites and archaeological wonders of Iceland.

Top 103 Locations in Iceland – Map

Iceland has beckoned brave explorers. Lava fields, dazzling glaciers, black sand beaches, warm hot springs, and diamond icebergs dot its terrain. So much to explore and already written about Iceland; it can become overwhelming for anyone. We have compiled the ultimate list of Top 100 Places in Iceland to save your time and make it easier.

Top Things to do in Reykjanes Peninsula

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Reykjanes peninsula has not been as much credit as it deserves for the exceptionally beautiful sites that it...

Top 10 Glacier Hiking Tours in Iceland

Previous Next Iceland offers an unbelievable adventure into one of the most unique and rugged landscapes in the world. Hike through the stunning wilderness of...

Top 10 Ice Cave Tours in Iceland

Previous Next Iceland is famous for its natural miracles, including glacial mountains, hot springs, majestic waterfalls, and beautiful landscapes all around the country. Over the...

Iceland Travel Guide to Geldingadalur Volcanic Eruption

Previous Next The Reykjanes Peninsula eruption is the first of its kind happening in the region after 800 years. The outbreak is creating sweeping black...

Towns to Visit in the Eastfjords of Iceland

Majestic Iceland is endowed with breathtaking natural landscapes. Every corner of the country has an unmatchable beauty, a cultural history that dates back to the...

Geology of Iceland

Over the last two decades, Iceland has become one of the most popular destinations for travelers who seek the beauty and rawness of mother nature....

National Parks in Iceland

Iceland is a unique country blessed with such a richness of nature. All that you need for rejuvenation is there in the country, be it...

Driving Around the Ring Road of Iceland – What to See? What to Do?

Road trips are at the heart of any vacation and we do not have to tell this to someone who is planning a vacation in...

Top 11 Hot Springs in the Westfjords

More than two million travelers every year visit Iceland to see some of the most incredibly beautiful landscapes spread all around the country. From volcanoes...

Secret Locations of The Golden Circle | Hidden Gems in the Most Popular Route in Iceland

Previous Next One of the best things about visiting places that have still not been visited by many and are still yet to be explored...

Hiking in Skaftafell Nature Reserve | Top Hiking Locations in Iceland

Previous Next As you would expect from one of the gems of the land of ice and fire, Skaftafell Nature Reserve can stun you with...

Hiking in Þórsmörk | One of the Best Hiking Routes in the World

Previous Next When we say that it is a land of incredibly beautiful hot springs, lava fields, lush green plains, notorious volcanoes, rich oases, powerful...

Islands in Iceland – The Small Worlds of Wonders

Previous Next Recently, a remote Icelandic island with a population of just 6 people has been named as the world’s best island by Big 7...

Volcanoes in Iceland | All you need to know about the Volcanoes in Iceland

Previous Next There is a reason why Iceland is called the ‘land of fire and ice’. Because on the ground- above, it has ice (glaciers),...

Top Alternatives to The Blue Lagoon

Previous Next If you are planning a vacation in Iceland then you must have researched a lot and asked around for suggestions already. Without a...

Black Sand Beaches of Iceland – A One on One Session

Previous Next Amidst the colorful highlands, mighty white glaciers, foamy grey glacial rivers, glimmering northern lights, and golden hours of the midnight sun, the black...

Glaciers of Iceland – Getting to Know the Mighty

Previous Next Every place, city, country, and even continent has that one special thing or place which can be seen as the representative of the...

Highlands of Iceland – Top Attractions

Previous Next Almost all of us who have Iceland on their bucket list of traveling must have heard about the incredible amount of thrill induced...

Northern Lights in Iceland | Ultimate Guide

Everything You Need to Know About the Northern Lights in Iceland Northern Lights are also known as Aurora Borealis. Visible from mid-August to early-April Iceland...

Best Northern Light Tours in Iceland | A Complete Guide for Aurora Borealis Tours

Traveling to Iceland is one of the best things you could plan for yourself. This Land of Fire and Ice is known for its breathtaking...

The Ultimate Guide for River Rafting in Iceland

River rafting is one of the most thrilling experiences you will have while in Iceland.

Dog Sledding in Iceland – A Must-Try Adventure

Dog sledding is one of the most fun and thrilling activity to enjoy with your family, especially kids. You can have a great time experiencing the stunning landscapes by racing around snow or dryland areas.

Top Secret Locations in Iceland – Exploring the Undisclosed

This article will discuss the various hidden gems of Iceland which are top-secret and every bit worth paying a visit.

Northern Lights in Reykjavik | Where and How to See the Northern Lights in Reykjavik

Iceland is a dream location for explorers in the world. The country attracts eyes because of a horde of reasons. Whether it is unique birds...

Bird Watching in Iceland 101 – A Comprehensive Guide

Iceland is quite popular among many migratory birds and is famous around the world for is rich birdlife. A total of 388 species of birds can be found on the island of Iceland.

Surfing in Iceland – Arctic Surfing

Many tourists do not even know that Iceland is among the best places for surfing in Europe. Who wouldn't want to ride out wild Arctic waves surrounded by ice, volcanoes, and fields of lava?

The Glacier Lagoons in Iceland- An Ultimate Guide

Previous Next Iceland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world that showcase the wonders of nature. The mesmerizing beauty and gigantic sites...

Winter Solstice in Iceland

Winter Solstice is celebrated on the darkest night of the winter when the sun does not rice at all. During this day, the skies light up for not more than 4 hours in most of Iceland, and not more than 2 hours in the north part of the country.

The Arctic Fox in Iceland

Previous Next When we hear the word Iceland, a beautiful landscape pops up in our head with majestic glaciers and the essence of natural beauty....

Kayaking in Iceland | The Best Travel Guide

Iceland in one of the most beautiful countries in the world with nature in all its glory. Being a land of mountains and streams, Iceland...

Reindeer in Iceland

Iceland is home to some of the most beautiful and magnificent flora and fauna of the world. There are as many as 72 species of...

Turf Churches in Iceland

Iceland is predominantly associated with the “beauty of nature” because of the amazing landscapes and natural sites that the country flaunts. While this is absolutely...

The Best Places to Snowmobile in Iceland

Iceland is one of the top travel destinations in the world with the perfect release for everyone no matter what kind of vacation the persona...

Best Conditions to See the Northern Lights in Iceland

There could be many reasons one would visit the land of ice and fire given the fact that the place is crawling with natural landscapes...

The Icelandic Weather | All You Need to Know

Like most countries, Iceland has four beautiful and relishing seasons; Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Many explorers, travelers, hikers, and campers have their favorite season...

Daylight Hours in Iceland | All You Need to Know

Iceland is a dramatic land of breathtaking landscapes, luscious trails, vivacious glaciers, terrific trails, and tall mountains. The eye-captivating scenic beauty attracts many travelers, hikers,...

Sustainable Tourism when Visiting Iceland

Iceland is a mystical land of fire and ice known for its beautiful trails, cinematic mountains, rhythmic rivers, vivacious glaciers and relishing green forestry. Every...

Northern Lights Photography in Iceland – The Ultimate Guide

Iceland is known to have photographers at almost every nook and corner and all for good reasons. Given the extraordinary landscapes that you find in...

Camping in Iceland | All You Need to Know

Previous Next While there are several activities that Icelanders take pride in and keep up with continuously, camping is something that comes off as more...

Hiking in Iceland: Everything You Need to Know

Hiking in Iceland is the once in a lifetime experience that every hiker craves for. The country is wonderful and has a great aesthetically appealing sites that can completely revamp your life experiences. When in nature’s lap, you could feel every bit of it, the birds, flowers, trees, mountains, rivers, and sun so tightly that you will embrace the visuals throughout your life. It offers an unforgettable experience that you can preserve in pictures and your memory forever.

Hidden Hot Springs of Iceland | Unraveling the Mystery

Iceland is like a winter wonderland which means that deeper you dig the more you end up finding things and places that no one has...

Top 10 Waterfalls in Iceland: The Ultimate List of Must-See Icelandic Waterfalls

Previous Next A visit to Iceland is incomplete without visiting one or more of the splendid waterfalls of this country. Iceland is a land of...

Hike through Waterfalls: Hengifoss & Litlanesfoss Hiking Guide

Previous Next Also known as Hanging Falls, Hengifoss is located next to Lagarfljot Lake and faces the Hallormsstadarskogur forest. This mystic fall is 128 m...

Ice Caves in Iceland | A Comprehensive Guide

Ice caves are scattered all over Iceland. Some are normal caves with some amount of ice frozen inside and others are glacial caves with beautiful crystals of blue ice mesmerizing enough to give a thorough competition to the underwater wonders that we all admire so much.

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