Sveinstekksfoss Waterfall | Immersing in the Miraculous Hidden Waterfall


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Sveinstekksfoss waterfall has a purging effect on the onlookers. The humble waterfall is located in the East of Iceland. Also known as Fossárfoss, this waterfall is surrounded by majestic mountains forming an extraordinary view. If you are in Iceland and want to experience something unique and less explored, Sveinstekksfoss waterfall is highly recommended.

Sveinstekksfoss - Nykurhylsfoss in East Iceland

Exploring Sveinstekksfoss Waterfall

Flourishing in the valley Fossárdalur, Sveinstekksfoss waterfall is the last one among the series of waterfalls before the Fossá River embraces the Atlantic Ocean. So now you know why it is often called Fossárfoss – because it falls into the Fossá River. The waterfall flows down from a height of 15 meters, providing a stunning and refreshing view to the admirers. Famous places can be overwhelming at times, considering the crowd they attract. Sveinstekksfoss waterfall is the exact opposite of that. Soothing tranquility and unmatched calm awaits you at this place. You can find some ‘me time’ here without stressing over the world outside of this waterfall.

The layered basalt flow formations surround the area of the waterfall. The contrasting view of the flowing wild waters amidst black surroundings makes Sveinstekksfoss a favorite among photographers and visual artists. You must have a camera with you at this picturesque location. You will take home some fantastic memories and Instagram worthy snaps. The twisting nature of the gorge blocks the view from the stream level. This gives the visitors a chance to experience the waterfall from the rim of the canyon.

Sveinstekksfoss - Nykurhylsfoss in East Iceland

How to Reach Sveinstekksfoss Waterfall

Sveinstekksfoss waterfall is situated northeast in the town of Djúpivogur. You will have to follow the highway 1 from Djúpivogur town, east/north towards Egilsstaðir. After driving for 15 kilometers approximately, you will experience the enchanting waters of the Fossá River. Afterward, a left turn onto a gravel road marking Eyjólfsstaðir will lead you towards your destination. A short steep hill and a sharp bend to the right are the markers that the waterfall can now be witnessed. Visitors generally park the car beforehand and cover the distance ahead on foot. This is just a few hundred meters walk, nothing insurmountable or too hard to cover.

A Series of Cascades

Waterfalls can be so refreshing and peaceful that you would wish for a prolonged time beside them, admiring their amazing aesthetics. Here at Sveinstekksfoss waterfall, tourists do just that. The valley where the waterfall is located, has so many waterfalls that it has been named Fossárdalur – or Waterfall valley. If you will keep on following the river Fossá upstream for about an hour, another treat awaits you. Múlafoss waterfall is another gem from the valley of waterfalls. Interestingly, waterfalls are known for the peace that they provide yet the sound that they produce is energizing. The waterfall is situated at a distance of four kilometers from Guesthouse Eyjolfsstadir. You can also find a campsite located in the valley, called Fossárdalur Campsite. Stekkásfoss is another tiny waterfall in the area that is worth exploring. Eventually, at the end of the trail, you will find at least two unnamed waterfalls.

Sveinstekksfoss - Nykurhylsfoss in East Iceland

Sveinstekksfoss waterfall on a map

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