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Previous Next Basic Information Not that there is a scarcity of place to experience and witness the wonderful natural phenomenon, athletic activities like hiking, visiting...
Basic Information A waterfall with a world-class panoramic view, laying eyes on Háifoss will feel like redemption from all materialistic things of life. The picturesque...
Fagrifoss waterfall is one of the most magnificent waterfall you will find in the southern highlands of Iceland.
Previous Next Basic Information One may think that at a place like Iceland where powerful huge waterfalls, blazing volcanoes, and vibrant blue-white glaciers are at...
Basic Information The largest volcanic crater in east-central Iceland, Askja is spread across an area of 50 square kilometers. Askja is a large basaltic volcano...
Previous Next Basic Information Iceland is a place that shows extreme geological contrasts within a few kilometers, which is sure to leave you awestruck and...
Previous Next Basic Information Iceland, this heavenly place never fails to surprise the visitors, travel enthusiasts, or the environmentalists across the world. Iceland is a...
Basic Information In some secluded places in Iceland, you can find a small spot such as a small oasis.  Fossabrekkur is one of these places...
Previous Next Basic Information Iceland is a place that is known for its mysterious, brutal yet serene and exquisite nature that attracts travelers, globetrotters, adventure...
Basic Information Like a glittery mound of olive green, Mount Mælifell is one of Iceland’s most cherished areas. Seems almost like a fantasy land, Iceland...
Vatnajökull National Park
Vatnajokull National Park is the largest National Park in Europe, and covers 13% of the land of Iceland. Glaciers, mountains, waterfalls.
Previous Next Basic Information 4wd car required Parking lot Located in the Highlands of Iceland. GPS: 64.15787, -19.12532 A short hike is required before you...
Basic Information The sublime beauty of Icelandic terrains is cherished by the explorers and locals alike. With majestic waterfalls, ice-capped mountains, clear as day water...
Previous Next Basic Information Kerlingarfjöll refers to the majestic mountain range located in the Highlands of Iceland. You absolutely cannot miss a visit to Kerlingarfjöll,...
Previous Next Basic Information GPS: 63.96428, -18.6176 Located up in the Highlands of Iceland.  Ófærufoss means the impassable waterfall in English.  4×4 car required.  Free parking...
Previous Next Basic Information Eldgjá is located in the highlands of Iceland.  The Largest Volcanic Canyon in the World. Iceland is one of the most...
Previous Next Basic Information Largest Glacier in Europe. You cannot think of a better place than Iceland to spot jaw-dropping locations such as Vatnajokull glacier....
Katla Volcano
Katla Volcano is one of the best known volcanoes in Iceland. Located under Myrdalsjokull glacier in south Iceland, it is famous for Katla Ice Cave and being the highlight in the Katla Netflix TV series.
Previous Next Basic Information Lakagígar is a 25 km stretch with nearly 130 craters.  Iceland is a leading travel destination that is like a magnet...
Previous Next Basic Information Geothermal area in the Highlands of Iceland.  Hveravellir includes one hot spring that is suitable for bathing.  Iceland is one of...
Previous Next Basic Information Stakkholtsgjá is located in the Southern part of the Icelandic Highlands.  Located on your way to Þórsmörk Nature Reserve. It takes...
Basic Information Hofsjökull glacier is located in the highlands of Iceland. Hofsjokull houses the largest volcano in the country. Hofsjokull is the toughest glacier to...
Previous Next Basic Information Aldeyjarfoss waterfall is a true testament to the rugged beauty of Iceland. This beautiful waterfall originates from the highlands and finds...
Hekla Volcano
Previous Next Basic Information Hekla is one of the most active volcanoes in Iceland.  The volcano is responsible for the creation of more than ten...
Myrdalsjokull glacier is one of the largest glaciers in Iceland. The glacier is famous for its volcanic activity, ice cave, glacier hiking and snowmobiling.
Previous Next Basic Information The unicorn-shaped Mount Einhyrningur is located in the souther highlands of Iceland. Just 750 meters high, the Mt Einhyrningur lies between...
Strútslaug hot spring
Strútslaug hot spring has been used as a perfect place for bathing for decades but is still untouched and hidden.
Grímsfjall hot spring
Basic Information GPS: 64.40688, -17.26599 Grímsfjall is located in 1732 meters above sea level.  You should only travel to the glacier and hot spring if...
Markarfljótsgljúfur Canyon
Previous Next Basic Information GPS: 63.76801, -19.39732 Markarfljótsgljúfur canyon is located in the Icelandic Highlands.  200 meter deep canyon.  Off the beaten path – less crowded...
Grænalón Glacier Lagoon
Grænalón Glacier Lagoon is known for its uniqueness. As it is shrinking rather than expanding despite originating from Vatnjökull.

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