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Find interesting locations in North Iceland. Use the Filters on the left side of this page and the map here below to help you find what you are looking for. In North Iceland you can find everything from the most powerful waterfall in Europe to unique geothermal areas and craters.

Locations in North Iceland



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Goðafoss waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in north Iceland. Known for its beauty and great location along the Ring Road.
Kolugljúfur canyon houses many beautiful waterfalls. Located in north Iceland it is a great add on to your self driving experience.
Basic Information Standing atop a cliff facing a valley, shouting their names, and hearing them echo back is in everyone’s bucket list. Doing this in...
Grjótagjá hot spring cave is located in North Iceland. It is one of the gems of Iceland and is world known from The Game of Thrones.
Akureyri is the second largest city in Iceland, after the capital city Reykjavik. It is often called the capital of North Iceland.
Dimmuborgir lava field is one of the most unique lava fields in the world. See the houses of trolls and elves in this magical place.
Previous Next Basic Information A remarkable horseshoe-shaped canyon, Ásbyrgi is surrounded by extremely high cliffs. This glacial canyon draws the attention of a large number...
Dettifoss waterfall is the most powerful waterfall in Europe. Located in North Iceland, it attracts travelers from all over the world.
Hafragilsfoss is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in North Iceland. Located in Jokulsargljufur canyon with Dettifoss as its neighbour.
Previous Next Basic Information Created by the basaltic lava eruption thousands of years ago, the lake Mývatn is one of the natural beauties of northern...
Basic Information Milky white water flowing through the rocks and falling into the river is one of the beauties of nature. One such piece of...
Fosslaug hot spring is a hidden hot spring in north Iceland. The hot spring is located close to a large waterfall and has beautiful views.
Previous Next Basic Information Narrow fjord surrounded by steep hills, the Siglufjörður town is situated at an isolated place in North Iceland. Being the northernmost...
Krafla Crater is a large volcanic crater with approximately 10 km in diameter and about a 90 km long fissure area.
Basic Information Located east of Merkurhraun lava field, Þjófafoss waterfall is one of the hidden gems of South Iceland. The turquoise waterfall with a giant...
Basic Information When you visit the land of fire and ice (Iceland), make sure you explore Dalvík which is a vibrant fishing village in North...
Previous Next Basic Information Small village Ólafsfjörður is situated at the mouth of the fjord Eyjafjörður in northeast Iceland. Ólafsfjörður is one of three small...
Námaskarð & Hverarönd are often called Myvatn Geothermal Area. It is a huge geothermal area in North Iceland.
Basic Information A geothermal area with the hot mud pots, smoking fumaroles surrounded by Sulphur crystals, Námafjall is located near Lake Mývatn in Northeast Iceland....
Selfoss Waterfall
Previous Next Basic Information Located in Jökulsárgljúfur canyon in Northern Iceland, Selfoss waterfall is one kilometer south of the enormous waterfall Dettifoss. It is fed...
Previous Next Basic Information Rising from the sea like a three-legged creature, Hvítserkur is a stunning sea stack located in northern Iceland. With a height...
Húsavík village is one of the most beautiful locations in north Iceland. Known for GeoSea natural baths, whale watching and Eurovision movie.
Basic Information Iceland is a heaven for tourists and explorers around the world. Nature knows no bounds when it comes to the beauty of Iceland....
Hofsós pool
Basic Information For a country which is known for an abundance of natural attractions like glaciers, volcanoes, geothermal geysers, and hot springs, it seems redundant...
Previous Next Basic Information Another one of many miracles of nature in Iceland, Jökulsárgljúfur canyon is 25 kilometers long and 500 meters wide. The height...
Ketubjörg cliffs
Previous Next Basic Information A pearl of the world when it comes to having scores of natural beauties, Iceland is a destination where you can...
Vatnajökull National Park
Vatnajokull National Park is the largest National Park in Europe, and covers 13% of the land of Iceland. Glaciers, mountains, waterfalls.
Previous Next Basic Information Iceland, which is known as the land of fire and ice, should also be known as the land of hidden mysteries...
Previous Next Basic Information GPS: 65.88225, -19.73694 Two hot spring pools, Grettislaug and Jarlslaug Temperature around 39°C / 102 F Changing facilities available.  Small fee to...
Basic Information Located up north in the Arctic Circle. Population of around 100 people.  Grímsey is a beautiful island situated off the north coast of...
Geothermal Goldfish Pond
Basic Information GPS: 66.01534, -17.35684 Located 2 km south of Húsavík in north Iceland.  Swim with the goldfish in the hot spring.  Temperature around 20-30°C. No...
The Geirsstaðakirkja Turf Church in East-Iceland is a replica of an old Turf Church.
Previous Next Basic Information Iceland is a place that is sure to make you feel the power of nature. The calm and serene environment of...
Basic Information The temperature of the water is around 38-39° C The water at Geosea is known for being rich in minerals. GeoSea is a...
Previous Next Basic Information Aldeyjarfoss waterfall is a true testament to the rugged beauty of Iceland. This beautiful waterfall originates from the highlands and finds...
Glaumbær Turf Houses
Previous Next Basic Information Glaumbær turf houses have been turned into a museum for visitors. Total of 13 buildings.  Iceland seems to have a special...
Grafarkirkja turf church is the oldest church in Iceland. Located in North Iceland it is a wonderful visit if you are interested in history.
Basic Information Saurbæjarkirkja turf church is a gem located in Eyjafjörður fjord in North-Iceland. Eyjafjörður is Iceland’s longest fjord. You would find Saurbæjarkirkja turf church...
Basic Information Perfect stop between the Westfjords and North Iceland.  The seal capital of Iceland.  Less than 1000 inhabitants.  Located in northwest Iceland, between the...
Laufás Museum
Basic Information Laufás turf houses based in Eyjafjörður is something you cannot miss if you have a fascination for turf houses. Laufás is at a...
Basic Information A deformed table-shaped structure located in the bay of Skagafjord Fjord, North Iceland, Drangey Island, is a hidden gem on the road less...
Previous Next Basic Information Taking visitors to a different world altogether, Hrísey Island, rightly nicknamed ‘The Pearl of Eyjafjörður’, is sure to put you under...
Basic Information Adding to the charm of Iceland, many land formations such as the Skútustaðagígar Craters have been recognized as the Icelandic gems. When you...
Previous Next Basic Information Iceland is composed of beauty in the form of waterfalls, volcanos, craters, and other unique landscapes. The Hverfjall volcanic crater is...

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