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Churches in Iceland

Basic Information Saurbæjarkirkja turf church is a gem located in Eyjafjörður fjord in North-Iceland. Eyjafjörður is Iceland’s longest fjord. You would find Saurbæjarkirkja turf church...
Grafarkirkja turf church is the oldest church in Iceland. Located in North Iceland it is a wonderful visit if you are interested in history.
The Geirsstaðakirkja Turf Church in East-Iceland is a replica of an old Turf Church.
Basic Information Núpsstaður Church is a small and attractive turf church based in Fljótshverfi in South-Iceland. In the earlier days, the citizens of Iceland used...
Basic Information A layer of grass spilled atop the church provides a beautiful landscape view. Located in the Öræfi region in South-East Iceland, Hofskirkja church is one of...
Hallgrimskirkja Church is the most famous landmark in Reykjavik.

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