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Previous Next Basic Information Iceland is a country of wonders, where you can find something unique at almost every turn. From jaw-dropping wonders to simple...
Íráfoss waterfall
Basic Information There is something mysterious about waterfalls, visitors tend to be happy for no apparent reason when visiting them. Whether the gushing sound of...
Previous Next Basic Information The unicorn-shaped Mount Einhyrningur is located in the souther highlands of Iceland. Just 750 meters high, the Mt Einhyrningur lies between...
Basic Information Hidden hot spring in west Iceland GPS: 64.49027, -21.17833 Tricky to find – There are no markings or board to direct you throughout...
Basic Information Grundarfoss is a less explored waterfall, located in Snæfellsnes Peninsula. 15 minutes easy hike required.  Grundarfoss is a scenic waterfall located in the...
Ytri Tunga
Previous Next Basic Information Ytri Tunga is a beautiful location that is based in Snæfellsnes Peninsula. Ytri Tunga beach is a part of a huge...
Previous Next Basic Information Aldeyjarfoss waterfall is a true testament to the rugged beauty of Iceland. This beautiful waterfall originates from the highlands and finds...
Previous Next Basic Information Stakkholtsgjá is located in the Southern part of the Icelandic Highlands.  Located on your way to Þórsmörk Nature Reserve. It takes...
Previous Next Basic Information Geothermal area in the Highlands of Iceland.  Hveravellir includes one hot spring that is suitable for bathing.  Iceland is one of...
Previous Next Basic Information GPS: 64.81302, -14.38572 Hidden Gem in East Iceland.  60 meters high Parking lot available.  Easy 15 minutes hike from the parking lot...
Basic Information Hidden waterfall in East Iceland.  GPS: 64.80866856423546, -14.61185110482095 Experiencing magnificence may be difficult in other places but not in Iceland. Hænubrekkufoss waterfall is...
Sveinstekksfoss waterfall has a purging effect on the onlookers. The humble waterfall is located in the East of Iceland. Also known as Fossárfoss, this waterfall is surrounded by majestic mountains forming an extraordinary view. If you are in Iceland and want to experience something unique and less explored, Sveinstekksfoss waterfall is highly recommended.
Folaldafoss waterfall in Berufjarðará river has a drop of approximately 20 meters that look magnificent and extremely gorgeous.
Waterfalls in Iceland excite travelers with their aesthetic richness. One such amazing waterfall is Strútsfoss. Strútsfoss is one of Iceland's highest waterfalls. The divine-like aura which surrounds this place is a thing of amazement.
Krosslaug hot spring
Basic Information GPS: 65.51961, -23.40533 Hidden Gem – not many travelers know about this hot spring.  Can be hard to find – follow the GPS...
Basic Information GPS: 64.86961, -22.28377 Hidden Gem – Hard to find No sign lead you to the hot spring. Bumpy gravel road.  Temperature around 40°C.  Fits...
Previous Next Basic Information GPS: 63.96428, -18.6176 Located up in the Highlands of Iceland.  Ófærufoss means the impassable waterfall in English.  4×4 car required.  Free parking...
Múlagljúfur Canyon
Múlagljúfur Canyon along with Hangandifoss and Múlafoss waterfalls are listed amidst the most scenic attractions of Iceland that are sure to leave you awestruck but...
Hvítserkur waterfall
Basic Information Hidden waterfall in west Iceland GPS: 64.45811, -21.17861 4WD car required. Tricky to find.  Easy hike.  You can stand on top of the waterfall. ...
Basic Information The sublime beauty of Icelandic terrains is cherished by the explorers and locals alike. With majestic waterfalls, ice-capped mountains, clear as day water...
Previous Next Basic Information 4wd car required Parking lot Located in the Highlands of Iceland. GPS: 64.15787, -19.12532 A short hike is required before you...
Garðar BA
Previous Next Basic Information Located in the Westfjords. The Oldest Steel Ship in Iceland.  Parking area available.  Iceland is one of the most beautiful places...
Basic Information Located in the Westfjords. Less known location.  Iceland’s Golden Beach Iceland is a place with a mysterious yet calming nature that never fails...
Basic Information GPS: 64.94145, -22.90707 19 meters at height. Hidden Waterfall. Waterfall is not listed on maps.  You can walk behind the waterfall.  Iceland is a...
Basic Information GPS: 64.89522, -23.81181 30 minutes hike from the parking lot.  Waterfall is 10 meters at height.  Snæfellsjökull glacier in the background.  Waterfalls are...
Basic Information Like a glittery mound of olive green, Mount Mælifell is one of Iceland’s most cherished areas. Seems almost like a fantasy land, Iceland...
Previous Next Basic Information There is no doubt why Iceland is known as a place of ice and fire. There are innumerable reasons that make...
Basic Information Iceland has always been a fascinating place that attracts the globetrotters and adventure seekers across the world. The fact that Iceland is a...
Basic Information In some secluded places in Iceland, you can find a small spot such as a small oasis.  Fossabrekkur is one of these places...
Previous Next Basic Information One may think that at a place like Iceland where powerful huge waterfalls, blazing volcanoes, and vibrant blue-white glaciers are at...
Basic Information If you are an avid traveller who enjoys peace, serenity and beauty of nature more than crowded beaches, cafes with long queues then...
Previous Next Iceland is filled with powerful roaring waterfalls that descend to the ground from meters above and create a sight never seen before. Amidst...
Previous Next Originating from 25 km Laxá í Kjós river, The Thorufoss has the largest of the many rapids and cascades that run towards Hvalfjörður...
Previous Next Basic Information Waterfalls have been nature’s most beautiful and awe-inspiring creations for ages. People from all over the world travel miles just to...

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