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Golden Circle

Previous Next Basic Information The second-largest Icelandic glacier, Langjökull, is located in west Iceland. The name Langjökull means “long glacier”, and it is truly a...
Slakki petting zoo
Basic Information Iceland is one of the most beautiful travel destinations that you need to visit at least once in your lifetime. Iceland represents nature...
Previous Next Basic Information Hidden Waterfall Hard to reach.  7 kilometers easy hike from the parking lot to the waterfall.  Read more about the hiking...
Previous Next Basic Information Iceland is a place of extreme geological contrasts and there is no doubt why this place has been titled “The Land...
Previous Next Basic Information Almannagjá is a beautiful narrow valley situated in Þingvellir National Park. The awe-inspiring gorge marks the tip of the tectonic plate...
Silfra fissure
Previous Next Basic Information Located in Þingvellir National Park The gap formed between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates.  One of the top five diving...
Secret Lagoon
Secret Lagoon is a place treasured by the Icelandic population. Secret Lagoon is filled by naturally occurring hot springs located at Hverahólmi. The lagoon is an exquisite terrain surrounded by lush green lands and majestic mountains. Tourists find it easily accessible, considering it is located within the range of the Golden Circle route.
Helgufoss is one of the country’s most picturesque and serene waterfalls located very close to the capital city of Reykjavik.
Basic Information Iceland has always been a fascinating place that attracts the globetrotters and adventure seekers across the world. The fact that Iceland is a...
Basic Information Situated within the Þingvellir National Park in Southwest Iceland, the Öxarárfoss waterfall is one of the best-known waterfalls of Iceland. Like every other...
Previous Next Basic Information Iceland is a place that is known for its mysterious, brutal yet serene and exquisite nature that attracts travelers, globetrotters, adventure...
Basic Information In some secluded places in Iceland, you can find a small spot such as a small oasis.  Fossabrekkur is one of these places...
Previous Next Basic Information One may think that at a place like Iceland where powerful huge waterfalls, blazing volcanoes, and vibrant blue-white glaciers are at...
Previous Next Iceland is filled with exceptional places and sites to explore. You will find that the more you explore the more it will unwind...
Previous Next Originating from 25 km Laxá í Kjós river, The Thorufoss has the largest of the many rapids and cascades that run towards Hvalfjörður...
Þjóðveldisbærinn Stöng
Previous Next Þjóðveldisbærinn (Commonwealth Farm) is a replica of Viking-era farmstead in Iceland. It is located in Thjorsardalur valley near Road 32 in Arnessysle County....
Basic Information A waterfall with a world-class panoramic view, laying eyes on Háifoss will feel like redemption from all materialistic things of life. The picturesque...
If you enjoy stand-alone secluded places more than the ones which are popular and beautiful but very crowded than Hrunalaug is your ideal place to be. One of the many secret hot springs of Iceland, Hrunalaug hot spring is a small, hidden hot spring pool that is not known to many people. This is why, you can expect to be alone or in the company of only a few people. Hrunalaug is situated only a few meters away from the Secret lagoon of Iceland, the less crowded variant of the Blue Lagoon.
Faxi Waterfall
Faxi Waterfall is located on the Golden Circle, a famous route in Iceland. A smaller version of Gullfoss, this is a wide river waterfall. It flows from Tungufljot River that is fed by glaciers and other streams from the highlands in Iceland’s interiors. This is one tier fall and adds beauty to the scenic landscape of the Golden Circle. It is around 15 km from Geysir hot spring and Gullfoss. If you plan the Golden Circle self driving tour, consider adding Faxi Waterfall to it.
Do you wish to visit a geothermal field and witness the bubbling mud pots, hot springs, the steam, and exploding geysers that erupt naturally? It is going to be the once in a lifetime experience. One such place that needs to be there in your bucket list must be The Great Geysir. Located in the Golden Circle in Iceland; Geysir, also known as The Great Geysir, is one of the most famous hot springs in the world. Geysir lends its name to all the geysers that are present around the world.
Previous Next One of the most visited attractions in Iceland, Þingvellir (Thingvellir) National Park boasts of interesting landscapes and its huge historical, cultural, and geological...
Gullfoss waterfall in the Golden Circle of Iceland, is one of Iceland’s most iconic falls. Translating directly to ‘Golden Floss’, the waterfall is one of the top three landmarks in the Golden Circle and surely does justice to its name! With the high sediment glacial water making the falls glow, The Golden Floss is a two-tiered waterfall offering a deviating view over the seasons. The summer sees a cascading veil of heavy water flow down from two levels with rainbows above.

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