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Mountains in Iceland

Previous Next Basic Information The unicorn-shaped Mount Einhyrningur is located in the souther highlands of Iceland. Just 750 meters high, the Mt Einhyrningur lies between...
Previous Next Basic Information Iceland is composed of beauty in the form of waterfalls, volcanos, craters, and other unique landscapes. The Hverfjall volcanic crater is...
Hekla Volcano
Previous Next Basic Information Hekla is one of the most active volcanoes in Iceland.  The volcano is responsible for the creation of more than ten...
Previous Next Basic Information An epitome of beauty, Dyrfjöll is a series of mountains situated in the eastern part of Iceland. This chain of mountains...
Previous Next Basic Information Kerlingarfjöll refers to the majestic mountain range located in the Highlands of Iceland. You absolutely cannot miss a visit to Kerlingarfjöll,...
Múlagljúfur Canyon
Múlagljúfur Canyon along with Hangandifoss and Múlafoss waterfalls are listed amidst the most scenic attractions of Iceland that are sure to leave you awestruck but...
Elephant Rock
Basic Information Iceland is known as a Land of Fire and Ice and indeed there is no doubt about it! Iceland is a treasure land...
Vatnajökull National Park
Previous Next Basic Information Largest National Park in Europe. 13% of the land of Iceland.  Houses the largest glaciers, highest mountain, and most powerful waterfalls...
Basic Information Erupted 3000 years ago Blessed with nature’s treasures, Iceland is a bonhomie of beauty. Explorers around the world come to devour this extraordinary...
Esjan Mountain
Previous Next Basic Information Locals favorite hike.  The mountain that you see from Reykjavik city.  914 meters high Palpable Beauty of Esjan Mountain Esjan is...
Basic Information Like a glittery mound of olive green, Mount Mælifell is one of Iceland’s most cherished areas. Seems almost like a fantasy land, Iceland...
Previous Next Basic Information One country on earth that can boast of nature’s unending blessings is Iceland. Forest reserves and sanctuaries established in Iceland not...
Basic Information Iceland is a place where nature speaks for itself with moving scenery, breathtaking mountains, and dense lands. At every turn, you can witness...
Basic Information A geothermal area with the hot mud pots, smoking fumaroles surrounded by Sulphur crystals, Námafjall is located near Lake Mývatn in Northeast Iceland....
Previous Next Basic Information Iceland is a place that shows extreme geological contrasts within a few kilometers, which is sure to leave you awestruck and...
Basic Information Easy 2,5 km hike through lava field. 6 km (1,5 hours) hike back and forth and up to the crater.  Hike starts at...
A three-peak mountain in South Iceland, the Þríhyrningur offers a wonderful hike spaced out from the hustle and bustle of the city life and beautiful...
Previous Next Basic Information A remarkable horseshoe-shaped canyon, Ásbyrgi is surrounded by extremely high cliffs. This glacial canyon draws the attention of a large number...
Previous Next Basic Information If you set out of for Iceland thinking that you will go and climb every mountain that there is to climb...
Previous Next Basic Information South Coast in Iceland has a world of its own with countless sites to explore, settlements with wonderful accommodation options, restaurants,...
Previous Next Basic Information Even though Iceland’s population is quite less, the volume of tourists that the country receives every year does more than just...
Previous Next Basic Information Þakgil & Remundargil Canyons are the two hidden gems in the southern region of Iceland. Located in lush green steep valleys,...
Previous Next Basic Information For history explorers and travel enthusiasts, Hjörleifshöfði cave is a perfect place to visit. The cave is located in Hjörleifshöfði mountain,...
Previous Next Basic Information Kirkjufell is a picturesque mountain that rises above Grundarfjordur Town in the Snaefellsness Peninsula. Take a picture of this uniquely shaped...
Basic Information Standing atop a cliff facing a valley, shouting their names, and hearing them echo back is in everyone’s bucket list. Doing this in...
Basic Information Places with scenic beauty like Iceland itself, are a huge source of tranquility and calm for the visitors. You can simply go and...
Previous Next Basic Information Not that there is a scarcity of place to experience and witness the wonderful natural phenomenon, athletic activities like hiking, visiting...
Reykjadalur Hot Spring
Basic Information Reykjadalur Valley is situated near Hveragerði town which is located at a distance of around 45 km from Iceland’s capital city, Reykjavík. Filled...
Previous Next Established as a National Park with an area of 500 square km, Skaftafell expanded twice and became a part of Vatnajökull National Park....
Sjónarnípa is a beautiful viewing point in Skaftafell. The views from Sjóarnípa is unbelievable. Look as far as the eye can see over glaciers, mountains, glacier lagoons, and black sand beaches.

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