Kerlingarfjöll – A Wholesome Tourist Experience


Basic Information

Kerlingarfjöll refers to the majestic mountain range located in the Highlands of Iceland. You absolutely cannot miss a visit to Kerlingarfjöll, if you are a hiker planning a trip to the highlands. Kerlingarfjoll is a chain of rugged mountains that gives you an exquisite feeling even when you look at it from a distance. The enormous mountains are around 800 to 1500 meters high and boast of mesmerizing views that could be quite eye-pleasing. Collectively known as Kerlingarfjöll, each mountain in the range has a separate name. The mountains have strong ties with a large tuya volcano system. The various hot springs and puddles in the area show the volcanic roots of these mountains.

A fun fact is that these mountains were abandoned for a long while. Citizens of the earlier century feared them believing that outlaws stayed hidden in the mountains.

Kerlingarfjöll Mountains in the highlands of Iceland

Kerlingarfjöll - A Tourist Heaven

Kerlingarfjöll mountains are considered a heaven for hikers. Trekkers find many amazing hiking trails beginning from the camping ground at the base of the mountains. The beauty of Kerlingarfjöll knows no bounds and you will be stunned to see the combination of colors on the ground. The mountains are composed of red rhyolite stone, an aftereffect of volcanic eruptions. Due to various minerals that have surfaced from the hot springs, the ground can be seen adorning colors such as yellow, red, and green. The colors also differ depending upon the weather and the sun. Nature takes you under its spell at Kerlingarfjöll in no time.

The sky over the steep ranges of Kerlingafjöll makes the place a delight for photographers. You should also carry a camera to bring back memories of this picturesque place. An exciting fact about Kerlingafjöll is that visitors can see three huge Icelandic glaciers from the top of the mountain ranges.

Things to Do on This Tour

Hiking Tours

Kerlingarfjöll Mountains in the highlands of Iceland

There is a well known multi-day hiking route called ‘The Circular Challenge’ that you can take around Kerlingarfjöll. There are multiple half-day and one-day hiking trails as well if you have less time but still want to have a hiking experience in Kerlingarfjöll. There are such stunning landscapes to look at on the way. There are river crossings, canyons, sharp mountain passes, and much more that will energize you. Ensure that you have all the gear for hiking, otherwise, you might face difficulties at such a high altitude.

Northern Lights

Kerlingarfjöll Mountains in the highlands of Iceland

One thing that explorers are crazy about is the Northern Lights in Iceland. If you are also one of them, then Kerlingarfjoll mountains must be on your list. It is a perfect sight to see the northern lights from September till March. You can look through the multiple planned trips, offered especially for Northern Lights. It is recommended to go on guided tours to Kerlingarfjoll during the winter because it can be extremely hard to drive there on your own during winter. You can go on expeditions during the day and experience northern lights during the night. Although, there is no certainty with northern lights. They mainly depend upon solar activity in the area.

Hveradalir Geothermal Area

This is another exquisite surprise near Kerlingarfjoll. The geothermal area is beautiful and boundless; so much so that you can spend an entire day exploring it. Your route will begin from the car park by Neðri-Hveradalir. The route length is three kilometers and it is easily accessible. Take a dip in the hot springs in Kerlingarfjöll after a long day of hiking. 

Kerlingarfjöll Mountains in the highlands of Iceland

How to Reach Kerlingarfjoll

The gravel roads and difficult paths of Kerlingarfjöll can be covered with 4WD vehicles. Kerlingafjöll has always been a 4X4 trail as there are several rivers to cross in the way. Presently, there are bridges over the rivers.

For Kerlingafjöll, you have to take the F35 Kjalvegur Highland Road from Gullfoss. Continue the drive for about 55 kilometers to the highland road to Kerlingafjöll. Take a turn to the east on F347. Kerlingarfjöll is only 10 kilometers away from this point. Highland roads are open for visitors only from early June until late September. So you need to make the plan accordingly. If you wish to visit Kerlingarfjöll during the winter time, you would have to go on guided tours with experienced mountain guides. 

Kerlingarfjöll Mountains in the highlands of Iceland

Kerlingarfjöll on a map

Interesting locations in the area

Hotels & Restaurants

More Nearby Locations

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